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Feedback for Rikka

Jul 22, 2010

    1. This is a thread for feedback regarding any transactions with Rikka. Thank you!
    2. I sold a DZ Meigi to Rikka on layaway. Payment was prompt, communication was great, and she let me know when he arrived! Two thumbs up! :)
    3. I sold a Luts wig to Rikka; she paid on time, kept great communication, and let me know that the wig arrived safely. Wonderful buyer!
    4. Rikka bought some leather pants for her doll from my sales thread and the whole transaction was wrapped up in less than a week, from initial contact to confirmation of arrival, including a photo of the pants on her doll! She was polite, prompt, and an all-around pleasure to deal with. It's transactions like these that make the Marketplace worthwhile.
    5. Excellent transaction with Rikka who purchased a wig from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. A perfect buyer. Thank you!!
    6. I was the seller of a MNF Shushu.
      Rikka was so pleasant to deal with! We worked out a payment plan and everything worked out great, she was always easy to get a hold of and super nice. She let me now promptly when she recieved the doll as well.
      I highly reccommend transactions with Rikka!
    7. Rikka bought a doll head from me, she was a wonderful buyer, prompt payment and good communication, just perfect! :)
    8. Rikka bought a wig from me, and was absolutely lovely to deal with! Super friendly, with prompt payment and great communication - would recommend to others wholeheartedly. :) I hope your girl is happy with her wig! ♥
    9. I bought a wig from Rikka, it arrived in great condition and couldn't be happier with this transaction. Thank you again! A++ Seller!
      PS: My boy loves the wig. :] ♥
    10. Rikka was part of my latest IH GO and was awesome to work with! Pm's were all responded to in a timely manner and communicaiton was friendly. Invoices were paid promptly and she let me know when her items arrived. Thank you so much for being a part of the GO! :)
    11. Rikka sold me a very nice MSD wig, at a very nice price. She kept me informed of the shipping, and provided me with the tracing numbers. All of our communications were kind, timely and patient. I would happily deal with Rikka again anytime.
    12. I bought a Fairyland fur wig from Rikka. The transaction went very smoothly, and she was very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend buying from her again.

      Many thanks!! :)
    13. Rikka bought a top and pants from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    14. Sold a Minifee doll to Rikka. She is a fantastic person to deal with, great communication (always important with online transactions), prompt payment and let me know when the parcel arrived. I'm sure Minifee will have a wonderful home. Recommended buyer! :)
    15. sold some boots to her. prompt payer, great communication and very friendly!

      thanks :)
    16. I had a great experience with Rikka. Sold her a Feeple Nanuri 08 head and she had fast, wonderful communication, paid quickly, and let me know when the head arrived. I would deal with her any time and would recommend her to other sellers. Thanks!!
    17. I sold Rikka a MNF OE Karsh Head and was very happy with the transaction. We did a small layaway and she was very prompt with payment, was friendly and great communication. I highly recommend and would be happy to do business with her again!
    18. I sold a Luts Winter '08 head to Rikka. Communication was great, payment was fast and the transaction as a whole went on smoothly! She's a great buyer and I'd not hesitate in dealing with her again. Thank you so much! <3
    19. Rikka purchased my Luts SDF Summer 09 event head. Super friendly communication and quick payment. Wonderful transaction and thank you again for giving my poor body-less head a new home.
    20. I sold a Happy Camille Wig to Rikka, and she was a blast to work with! Fabulous buyer from start to finish :cheer