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Feedback for rileylaurent

Oct 14, 2010

    1. If we've done business on DoA, I'd appreciate any feedback! :) If there's ever any problem, please pm me and we'll figure it out.
    2. I'll be the first :) I sold some custom eyes to rileylaurent and it was a great transaction, fast payment, good communication, thank you!
    3. rileylaurent bought several clothes from me,she is very friendly and nice. She paid quickly, and is great with communication.
      You are a good buyer!Thanks very much!
    4. Rileylaurent bought a bunch of eyelashes off of me, and the payment was fast with great communication!
    5. Linda joined my Shelly's eyes GO.
      She was an EXCELLENT GO participant! She paid fast and the whole communication was smooth! This whole GO was a pleasant experience for me
    6. rileylaurent was a part of my recent Dollshe group order. Payment was prompt, communication was great and she let me know when her order arrived. Thanks so much!
    7. I just received a Luts Junior Delf body that I purchased from rileylaurent. It is in MINT condition as she described. It was also a very smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks very, very much!

    8. rileylaurent bought a SD guitar for me. Was just wonderful to deal with and was very understanding when the item came broken from the mail and accepted my refund kindly. Won't hesitate to do business with again, thank you! :)
    9. I sold a Heliot bow+arrow set to Rileylaurent. Payment was quick after the agreed hold period was over and she let me know as soon as it arrived, as well as having good communication throughout. Would happily do buisness with again. Thanks!
    10. Rileylaurent organized a Me and My Shado split and it was great! Communication was prompt, records maintained - everything was very well organized. My Lolly came packed carefully and I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for making it possible to get my Lolly!
    11. People who host splits are awesome. Rileylaurent is certainly no exception! Communication was fabulous, to the point and friendly which I feel is a key element to a split and she even allowed me to work with a particular payment schedule in order to get me my darling little Anko.
      I would jump at the chance to participate in another of rileylaurent's splits any day.

      Thank you so much :D :D :D
    12. I was one of the members of rileylaurent's recent Angell Studio GO, and everything went great! Great communication & fast shipping of my items...highly recommended GO Leader :)
    13. I was in the Angell Studio GO as well. Thank you for making my first ever GO a smooth and easy one! My item arrived well packaged and quickly.
    14. rileylaurent participated in my 2nd M3 Studio Group Order, she communicated perfectly, paid promptly and was super patient throughout the whole process. I would love to work with her again in the future. Thanks so much for joining! :D
    15. rileylaurent participated in my Happy Camille wig GO again and it was a nother PERFECT transaction with them, fast payment, great communication, could not ask for better!!! Highly recommended <3

      Thank you very much ^___^
    16. I bought 2 pairs of eyes from rileylaurent. She shipped them out right away and was super friendly! I'd buy from her again. :]
    17. Bought a beautiful pair of eyes from rileylaurent. Shipping was fast, eyes were in perfect condition. Would not hesitate to deal with again, thanks!!!
    18. I bought a Luts KDF Pine head from rileylaurent. The head arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Communication was smooth and easy, an overall great transaction!
    19. i bought a soom tuff from rileylaurent with an agreed layway and she was super friendly and accomedating. great communication, gave several shipping options, and shipped him exactly when she promised. he even arrived 4 days earlier than expected! great condition, all parts were brand new.
      thanks so much!
    20. Bought Soom male jointed hands through rileylaurent's Soom G.O.

      Good communication and the whole process went smoothly. Thanks!