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Feedback for rillystar

Jul 17, 2006

    1. Finally starting a thread for feedback (after how many transactions now? XD)

      Please remember to leave feedback. If there's anything else I can do then please let me know.


    2. Rilly organized a group order for swords. She answered questions promptly and shipped promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rilly again.
    3. One of the people who've ordered a sword from. Quick reply and fast delivery. will do business again :D
    4. Fantastic seller, wonderful to buy all of those lovely swords for us :D
      Thank you!
    5. rillystar is also a great buyer--pays promptly, communicates clearly, and is pleasant to deal with! :chibi
    6. Very nice and prompt :D great to do business with.
    7. Wonderful communications. Bought a Agito/Akito Pinky:St from RillyStar, very happy with him.
      Thank you ^^
    8. Excellent feedback for rillystar. You're a great seller! Thanks for organizing the sword group order. Would definately do business with you again.
    9. Great seller! Very helpful and willing to accomadate. Thank you :D
    10. Great seller! Fantastic transaction and so nice!
    11. had a great transaction. prompt payment and easy to communicate with!~ <3 great buyer~ <3
    12. Excellent transaction and Rillystar was very accommodating!! My girls love their swords!!

      Lobelia ^_^
    13. Rillystar is great to work with and so nice too. I bought two swords off of her and I am putting an Aida on layaway.
    14. The saber is absolutely perfect! Rilly is wonderful, too. ^_^

      Here are two quick pics I took with Ala and Kiylan:


      The sword mostly looks big because of the angle. It actually suits her pretty well to be armed. Hehe.


      Rilly, please feel free to use them for size comparisons or ask for more if you need. ^_^
    15. Rilly bought a doll from me, and the whole transaction went great, no complaints at all! Thanks, Rilly. :)
    16. More Kudos for Rillystar!!

      Just got the most amazingly incredibly cool Katana from her... and what a long and involved process it was (for her) because I had such a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do!

      She was very gracious and helpful, and an all-around pleasure to deal with.
    17. I bought a lovely sword from rillystar,( who was great to deal with).My Vince can't wait to get his costume sorted!..Thanks Hun....
    18. Great contact and fast shipping. My dolls love the sword. Thanks a lot
    19. rilly paid super fast & was great to work with (again) :D
      The hat was sent out today, thanks!