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Feedback for Rime

Sep 19, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback here if you've done business with me. ♥
    2. I sold a 'Luts Delf X-MAS EVENT JURI 2006 Limited Head (Normal skin)' to Rime.
      Serious buyer, truly interested in the purchase.
      She was really nice and friendly. Very kind and fast communication.
      The payment for the head and its shipping cost was made in a short and very reasonable period.
      She told me she received the item after arrival very quickly.

      Everything perfect.

      I would absolutely do business with Rime again.

      A+ highly recommended buyer.
    3. She bought a sweater size SD13.
      She is a buyer, friendly, communicative and very fast payment.
      I recommend this buyer 100%
      Thank you very much for the purchase Rime :aheartbea