Feedback for RinSetsua

May 23, 2019

    1. ~/ Feedback thread for my Marketplace transactions \~
    2. First one, and positive feedback! RinSetsua bought a Dearmine Bean Lorenz Fullset from me on a short layaway and they were perfect. Friendly communication, payments made on time, and they let me know when the doll arrived. They were also understanding when I delayed shipping by a day. Couldn't get better. Thank you very much for the smooth transaction.
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    3. F E E D B A C K : P O S I T I V E
      RinSetsua messaged me regarding my BirdCube Gerbil post in the DoA Marketplace to start a layaway. We were able to agree on a monthly schedule. Payments were timely and they had great communication. Once the doll was received, they let me know it's been received and arrived in perfect condition. The entire transaction went smoothly from start and finish and I would definitely recommend them!​
      Communication ★★★★★
      Payment time ★★★★★
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    4. Positive feedback!
      RinSetsua sold me a ShouShouDoll Niko B head in NS! It arrived in perfect condition and with lots of bubblewrap and in a padded box with a cute lock! They were also very communicative and provided photos of proof of ownership when asked! Would purchase from again given the opportunity!
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    5. RinSetsua bought a Xagadoll Miki from me. They paid quickly and were extremely nice to talk to. I would definitely feel comfortable buying or selling with them. :)
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    6. Positive Feedback!

      Traded my ShouShou Niko opaque peripherals for their translucent ones.

      Very friendly and kind, very responsive, shipped quickly on agreed time, nicely packed shipment and good condition items. Thanks again Rin! :D
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