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Feedback for rippedtape

May 19, 2010

    1. Hi there!~
      If we have a transaction, please leave feedback! :aheartbea
    2. rippedtape purchased a wig from me.
      She responded quickly, payment was prompt, and she notified me when the item arrived.
      I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Would defiantly do business with her again!
      Thank you! <3
    3. rippedtaped bought a pair of converse from me. She was quick to respond, quick with payment, and let me know when her shoes arrived!
      Over all the transaction was very good. I would gladly do business with her again! ^.^

      Thank you! Enjoy the converse! ^.^
    4. bought some jelly bracelets from me and everything went really well payment was quick and comminucations where great as well
      she even lets me know when it arrives :)
    5. Rippedtape bought a modified MNF Woosoo head from me, very quick payment and great communication. Great buyer :)
    6. Rippedtape commissioned 2 hats from me and was really understanding when I had to postpone production because of family problems. Payment was quick and communication was great. I will not hesitate to do business with her again. =D
    7. I bought some cute msd boots from rippedtape. She was lovely to work with and they arrived quickly. Overall a great transaction. =)
    8. I bought FL soe from rippedtape. She was wonderful to buy from. The package arrived very quickly. A great big thank you!
    9. I purchased leggings, a pair of jeans and a pair of stockings from rippedtape. Shipment was quick and communication was super friendly! Thank you~ :D
    10. I bought a adorable pair of msd shoes from rippedtape we had great communication and the shipping was very fast thanks so much!
    11. rippedtape bought a MNF Miyu from me! She paid quick and was very friendly!
    12. Rippedtape is a wonderful seller. I bought a Kid Delf Bory from her and she was shipped the next day. She didn't confirm she got the payment but the tracking number was provided on paypal. Communication wasn't the best but she and I worked out a little problem I had with the doll, which resulted in a return and refund. Bory was green (especially the face) and I'm not sure how she didn't notice this because her thigh joint was close to her original color. She had uneven greening. Rippedtape solved this problem promptly (she agreed to a refund) but I did open a paypal claim because I was expecting a refund the same day the doll got to her. She explained that she got home late from work that day and I do apologize for the paypal claim. I got the refund today (a day after the doll arrived) so that was a little impatient of me.
      Thanks again.