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Feedback for Risa-Risa

Oct 4, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for Risa-Risa here! ^^
    2. I sold a Volks Nana to Risa-Risa on a short layaway, and it was a perfect transaction. She paid promptly and was always excellent with communication. Would definitely do business with her again!

      A+ Buyer! <3
    3. I've sold a SD regency dress to Risa-Risa. She asked me to hold it and paid when we accorded to without fail. Communication has been more than pleasant and the transaction smooth, so I'd gladly deal again with her. Thank you very much.
    4. Risa-Risa bought a Volks Anais full set from me. She paid promptly and has been very nice to deal with. All communication was friendly! She is a great person to do business with! Thank you!
    5. Risa-Risa bought Volks Sch C head from me. Everything goes fine;) It was a big pleasure doing bussiness with her! I can highly recomend her as a buyer!
      Thank You very much:)
    6. Risa-Risa bought a Volks Lieselotte from me and her communications & transactions we very good.
      She was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again in the future :)
      Thank you so much & I hope you enjoy your new girl.