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Feedback for Riven

Jun 18, 2006

    1. This is my feedback thread. if you have had transactions with me - whether buying or trading please post feedback here.

      thank you,:blush
    2. I just completed a trade with Riven that couldn't have gone better. I highly recommend her.
    3. I bought a head from Riven just recently; she was very good about keeping up contact throughout the process and everything went off without a hitch.
    4. I purchased "Angel Region Basic Kit girl outfit - includes dress,cap,shorts and angel bear." from Riven and she was very helpful before the deal was completed to be sure everything would be to my expectations. Then the whole transaction proceeded very smoothly with continuing communication and I was very please upon delivery :love Thanks so Much!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. I traded a doll head and outfits and she was altogether a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much ^_^
    6. :D I just realized that my package from Riven actually arrived yesterday, teehee, and no one told me!:aheartbea I thought I would have to wait to monday.:( But the package arrived in less than four days, snail mail.

      I placed my order for it, and got a quick response on price, and how long it would take. When I sent off the check, she notifyed me the day it got there. And she didn't cash it until the day of or before my package was sent out.

      Even though there were some delays, she kept me well informed as to what was going on, and the progress on the outfit I ordered. Constant contact, all the time. :3 Even when I was gone, away from my computer, as long as my messenger was up, she would leave me messages about how things were going.

      I saw pictures of it for approval before shipping, and haven't opened the package yet.:sweat Excited to see what it looks like though! Tehee

      I definitely would recommend Riven. A pleasure to work with, keeps you informed all the time on how things are going. In fact....>o> I've already started preparing for another comission with her. :)
    7. Riven was excellent to work with! The post office is not however.
    8. Very nice and honest. Great Transaction! ^_^
    9. sold a wig to Riven. smooth and very friendly transaction .great buyer :D
    10. i bought a head from riven and she sent it on saturday and i just recieved along with a pretty skirt !

      she was very friendly and helpful and the head is perfect :D
    11. I know this is a bit late, but I bought a wig from Riven not too long ago ^_^
      Easy to communicate with~
    12. I sold Riven a wig and had no problems with anything. Thanks a bunch.
    13. Very nice person to buy from! I bought a lovely faced-up Yder head, and she did more competent follow-up than I did! (--Should I be admitting that?)
    14. I had an excellent transaction with Riven, she bought eyes and paid quickly, also kept in touch during the transaction. Thanks!
    15. Riven sent me a dress for my Nyoko as part of a trade. I adore it! ^_^ She did VERY well on the outfit, and I couldn't be happier. :') My Nyoko has never looked lovlier than she does in her new dress. Thank you SO much!!!

    16. I completed a trade with Riven, and everything went perfect! Excellent communication and very friendly XD

      And I got the white boots I had always been looking for!! *squeee* Thanks so much :D :cake:
    17. Another plus sign for Riven, please! :) I just purchased a really quite adorable Angel Region Ren head from her for an excellent price. Her communication was great and everything went very well indeed.
    18. I bought an SD-sized wig from Riven. Good communication throughout the transaction, she's helpful and nice about when the items will be shipped. :aheartbea
    19. I traded Riven a wig and eyes for some hand-made SD+ sized clothes. Overall, Riven was very nice to deal with. However, the entire transaction took a very long time, almost a month and a half, and communication was a little lacking. The clothes look very nice and on the whole it was a positive experience. :)
    20. I just received my item from Riven - the whole transaction went flawlessly. Very good communication. Thanks. Cheryl