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Feedback for Rogue-dono

May 28, 2009

    1. Please feel free to leave feedback for me here! It would be most appreciated!

      ~Thank you!~
    2. Rogue-dono bought a Gackt Minimee head from me. Payment was prompt and communication was good. Am awaiting confirmation she's recieved the head.
    3. Rogue-dono did some modding for me on both my Delf El boys. She modded scars into my Elf El mod's back and they were FREAKING AWESOME. She also did the scar mods on my Elx2 boy's head, which were also freaking awesome! If you want scars, I'd totally recommend her.
    4. purchased a wig from Rogue-dono, Communication was prompt and the wig arrived in excellent condition! :) Would buy from her again
    5. Bought and picked up my BBB/RS Long 70 CM WS from Rogue-dono, quick to respond and very helpful in purchasing my first doll. He was well taken care of and came with quite a few things! Prices are fair and products are lovely! She even cleaned him for me!

      GREAT SELLER!!!!
    6. I had a wonderful transaction with Rogue-dono :aheartbea

      She responded to my WTB thread for Soom Nephelin horns. Everything went very smooth, great communication, expert packaging, very reasonable price, and an all around pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you Rogue-dono! For helping me get one step closer to completing my Persephone, and for being so lovely to chat with ^^
    7. I joined a split with Rogue-dono for a shiro tachibana SD17 body. She is such a sweetheart to deal with and she did everything in her power to make the transaction run smoothly. Communication was always fast and she was superb at keeping me up to date. Eventually she could not be able to win the doll at the Dolpa. As soon as she learned this my money was refunded in full. Rogue-dono is an amazing and trustworthy person, I would jump at the chance to have transactions with her in the future.

      Thank you so much sweetie ^^ !!
    8. I joined a split hosted by Rogue-dono for the opportunity to purchase Dolpa 27 tanned Shiro Tachibana's limited outfit, accessories, and boots. Unfortunately we were unable to win Shiro T. in the end do to him being sold out by the time her lottery ticket was called. Rogue-dono was very professional and kept me up to date with the status on the Tokyo Big Site lottery. Since we didn't win in the end, a prompt refund was given. Rogue-dono, is a very hard working and trust worthy individual. Thank you so much for all your efforts with the split.
    9. I bought a Soom Nephelin from Rogue-dono and she was lovely to talk to. However, Nephelin arrived without her certificate of authenticity. I have asked numerous times for it. I have been very patient and alot of my pm's have gone unanswered. I have been told that her mother was ill and the last time her grandmother was ill. I sympathise with family problems but I just wanted the certificate.