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Feedback for Rook

Apr 20, 2010

    1. Please leave all feedback for transactions with me here, and I'll do the same. Thanks!
    2. Oh hello! =D
      I sold Rook a wig =) Communication was good and Rook let me know when the item had arrived =D Highly recommended buyer and I would do business with Rook again =) Thank you for the pleasant experience <3
    3. I just bought a Riff head from Rook. Shipping was fast and communication was great! I absolutely love it!~
    4. I sold a wig to Rook and all was perfect with a really nice communication and a fast payment ! Thanks a lot:-)
    5. I bought a pair of Feeple hands from Rook and everything went smoothly! She shipped them out quickly and they were exactly as described (one hand damaged, the other perfect). Thanks again, Rook!
    6. Rook bought a set of goggles from me! Great communication, fast payment and let me know when they got them! Recommended! :D
    7. Rook was my swap partner for the Steampunk swap. Items were sent quickly and communication was quick. And I'm very happy with them. Thank you! The mono-goggle looks great fits Gren nicely and the sprocket watch was such a cool idea! :D
    8. Rook participated in the Steampunk swap and did a wonderful job shipping out to their partner in the time alotted. Their partner was happy with their gifts. Thank you very much~! :)
    9. Rook ran the Red Swap that I participated in. She did a really awesome job organizing things and making sure that everyone received a package, even while planning a wedding! lol I'd recommend that you join one of her future swaps if you're thinking about it! Thanks, Rook!
    10. Rook hosted the first swap I've ever participated in and made it such a breeze. I was unfortunate enough to have a family emergency happen during the swap and Rook was ever so gracious to give me as much time as I needed. I hope that Rook will host more swaps in the future as I would love to participate again.
    11. Rook organized the Red Swap and was also my partner. She was super awesome! I can't wait to take part in her next swap!
    12. I took part in Rook's Blue Swap. The swap was well organized and communications were timely, informative, friendly and encouraging. The items I received from my swap partner were absolutely wonderful and well thought out. Rook made this swap experience a lot of fun and I hope to be able to join more swaps run by her in the future! Thanks so much for all your effort on our behalf, Rook!:)
    13. i was in Rook's blue swap as a participant and her secret santa giftee, i was great fun like her previous color swaps and i really enjoyed being a part of it! i also loved the gifts she sent and will use them often, they worked out for Panda perfectly!!! thanks so much!
    14. I participated in Rook's Red Swap {sorry for the delay } w/c is my first swap ever and her Blue Swap. She's really nice, friendly, understanding, helpful and tries her best so that everything won't go into a knot. I really enjoyed the swaps that she held and am looking forward to her future swaps~ :3 More power!
    15. I have participated in two of Rook's swaps (Blue and Red) She is very organized and excellent at leading swaps!
      Thank you!
    16. I took part in Rook's blue swap. Not only was the swap well run, but when my package from my partner went MIA, Rook was persistent in making sure that I received something! With her help, my wonderful swap partner actually sent me a second gift! I thank both her and my swap partner for making the Blue Swap one of the best swaps that I have ever done!
    17. I participated in Rook's Blue Swap, and after the package to my partner went missing in the mail, she was great at keeping me informed and helping me get another package together for my swap partner. Can't wait to participate in another of her swaps!
    18. I participated in Rook's Blue Swap. Although the first package my partner went missing as well Rook did a great job keeping on top of things and making sure I got a gift! I would glad participate in any swap Rook hosts she does such a great job! Thanks for being a great swap host.
    19. Rook participated in my valentines swap and was a great participant! Rook even made something for me and I wasn't even rooks partner! I love it!
    20. I participated in Rook's "Luck of the Irish" swap, everything went really smooth and did an amazing job keeping everyone informed. Thanks for such a fun time :)