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Feedback for Roselita

Nov 10, 2010

    1. Roselita bought a doll from me and she is a excellent buyer :D
      she is a reliable person and i really like her XD
      i wish i can deal with her again =D

      p.s. remember to put more pictures of Paymon on facebook =D:fangirl:
    2. I bought Dikadoll Leica from Roselita, with extras (clothes eyes, a wig and boots) at a decent price. After a slight snag with the post office which was in no way her fault, Leica arrived safely, in pretty good time.
      I would definitely buy from Roselita again if she ever has something else I want. =)
    3. I bought a SOOM Kivi doll from Roselita, I pay the all at once, but I never got the doll and every time I'm written to her, she never write back after the problems... So I can only give her a negative feedback, since I never got the doll from her or haven't hear everything from her.
      So I'm pretty sad, since it was a lot of money I never will see again and never the doll to.
      So I will never make a deal with her again... :(
    4. *I paid it all at once.

      every time I've written her she never writes back.