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Feedback for Rosella

Sep 25, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback if I have purchased/traded/sold/groupordered? :XD: from/with/to you.

      Thanks very much! :hamster:
    2. Rosella bought a Souldoll Tiffee from me...payment was prompt, and communication was friendly! An excellent transaction all around! :)
    3. I sold some shoes to Rosella, and she was extremely friendly and paid immediately. Wonderful buyer!
    4. Rosella participated in my Fairyland split and she was wonderful to deal with. She kept good communication and paid me promptly.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    5. Rosella purchased a Puki wig from me! She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know when it arrived. Lovely to work with!
    6. Bought a Alice winking faceplace and two outfits from Rosella. She's a brilliant seller with excellent communication all the way. Not to mention very secure packaging! Everything is just perfect! Thanks again and hope to do business with you in the future too! A+++
    7. Rosella (Cassandra) bought a Tinyfairy Sweet Day V from me and everything went really well! She is a very nice person, easy to talk with and paid promptly for the doll. I would sell or buy from her anytime.
      Hope May loves her new home with you.
    8. Rosella: bought a yo-sd outfit from me.
      Her communication was great, payment was fast. And she was so lovely to deal with.
      Thank you so much. :XD:
    9. I participated in a split and not only was Rosella very communicative, but also she was friendly and quick to send out the package. I received my item safely and was quite happy with how well the whole transaction went. Thanks again!
    10. I also participated in a split and all went fine! :chocoberry:chocoheart:truffle:whitetruffle
      We had a very nice communication,Rosella is a very friendly seller!She shipped the doll immediately,and very well packed!
      Thank you very much,Rosella!:fangirl:
    11. i participated in rosella's littlefee split and was very,very happy with the whole transaction!
      great communication skills,prompt shipping and excellent packing, not to mention an all around nice person!
      i hope to have future chances to do business with her.

      thanks again rosella!
    12. Rosella purchased a number of paintbrushes from me. She was great to work with! She was friendly and polite in all pm's, paid quickly and let me know when her package arrived. She also left me feedback promptly. Unlike me, who forgot and am leaving it two months late. :doh Sorry!
    13. I just bought a Littlefee boy body from Rosella and it was a lovely transaction. Trading within Australia really is a change of pace, as the package arrived the next day instead of the next week... I don't get the pleasure of buying from other Aussies too often;)

      Rosella was prompt and friendly in her communications, was more than happy to sell just the body of the doll she was offering, and gave me a small discount for paying with bank transfer instead of Paypal. Thank you so much, and I hope to do business with you again.
    14. I bought an Ante face plate from Rosella, and it was a wonderful transaction from start to finish! I would to deal with her again in a heart beat - no worries!

    15. Bought some Soul Doll eyes from Rosella. Perfect transaction! ^^ Great communication, very friendly seller, and eyes got to me safely. ^^; Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    16. I made a split with Rosella (she wants the wig and the prayer hands for a Latidoll Laches POAA version). She was really quick with the payments and we had really good comunication ^^!

      I hope that we can do more transactions in the future ;)
    17. Rosella was in my EP GO.
      She's really patient with this long waiting period.
      It's my pleasure to have her in my GO :)
    18. Positive feedback.

      I brought Dreaming Lily faceplate from Rosella.
      With fast communication and fast sending,the transaction between us go smoothly.

      Thanks for your offer,Rosella.Now,I get my dearly Lily at last.XD
    19. I bought a pair of ED eyes from Rosella - perfect condition and shipped really quickly, thank you <3
    20. Bough a pair of Eyes from Rosella perfect transaction shipped quick and the eye is beautiful