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Feedback for Rosemarygarden

Aug 31, 2011

    1. Please leave a feedback for me here :)
      Thank you!

    2. It is my pleasure to leave very first feedback for Rosemarygarden who bought a pair of eyes from me.
      She was a wonderful buyer with prompt communication and fast payment. The transaction was flawless from start to finish.
      Thank you for everything. :XD:
    3. I bought a pair of eyes from Rosemarygarden and she was lovely to deal with. Very prompt replies to messages and posted them super fast! Packaged extremely well and was an overall delight to talk to. Transaction was super hassle free :D thanks R!
    4. I bought some eyes from Rosemarygarden and everything went very smoothly. Quick replies, good deals and packed very safely. It was pleasure to deal with such a person who deals with things so professionally.
      Thank you very much.
    5. Sold some eyes to Rosemarygarden. Quick payment and pleasant communication. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again! Thank you!

    6. Rosemarygarden purchased two pairs of eyes (miyakosuga & Zoukeimura) from me.

      Payment was prompt and the transaction smooth.

      Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

    7. Rosemarygarden bought a pair of zoukeimura eyes from me. Payment was made promptly and all communications were great! Wonderful buyer! Thank you for a smooth transaction! :)
    8. Rosemarygarden bought a dress outfit from me and the transaction went very smoothly! Thanks. ^^
    9. I recently bought a Bluefairy TF Remember May V baked skin from Rosemarygarden. She was very fast to reply and very friendly, offering to get my more photos or information should i need them.
      I highly recommend her as a seller. Even before my payment was cleared, she had already packed my doll and sent it and included additional wigs! thank you so much for such a quick and smooth transection!
    10. I purchased the Volks MSD Milktea omukae outfit from Rosemarygarden. She replied promptly to my questions regarding the outfit, and shipped quickly. The items were also well packed and in wonderful condition. Thank you!
    11. I bought an outfit from Rosemarygarden and it was a perfect transaction. She replying fast and kindly do my requests. The packaging job was superb and shipped quickly . I can't ask for more. Thank you so much for everything ! ^^
    12. I purchased a doll from Rosemarygarden and it was an excellent transaction. Communication was fast and friendly, she also arranged to meet up with me to receive the doll. The doll itself was exactly as described, she even included extra items. I highly recommend Rosemarygarden as a seller, thanks so much :)
    13. I purchased Volks FCS eyes from RoseMaryGarden

      She was very friendly in all communication and she replies to PM's very fast. She's extremely delightful to deal with.

      Packaging is very secure and perfect - I couldn't have asked for better. You will always get great service with her and I highly recommend purchasing from her in the future

      Thank you so much !