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Feedback for Rostika

May 5, 2011

    1. I didn't see a thread here for Rostika so I'll start one. Rostika bought a Soom Alk from me. She paid promptly and was very pleasant to work with. I can recommend her and would deal with her again!:)
    2. Rostika bought Soom Glot from me on layaway. Not only did she pay the layaway off well ahead of time, she also PM'd me to let me know the doll had arrived safely.
      Friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her as a buyer :)

      Thank you.
    3. Rostika bought a Soom Afi from me... fast with communication and payment - thanks!

    4. Rostika purchased a Soom Grit from me! Great communication and fast payment! Was such a pleasure to exchange with her!

      Thank you!
    5. Rostika bought a Soom Taco from me, fast with communication and payment. she PM'd me to let me know the doll had arrived safely and write Feedback fast.
      I would definitely recommend Rostika as a buyer.Thank you ^_^
    6. Rostika recently purchased a Dollstown 7age girl body from me. She paid quickly and let me know of the body's safe arrival!!

      Thank you very much!

    7. Rostika bought a Soom Afi from me on layaway. Prompt payments and great communication!
    8. Rostika bough a SOOM Yrie from me. She asked for a small hold till she got paid and sent the payment as quick as possible once she got paid! She proved to be wonderfully reliable. Rostika is very sweet and proper in PM's and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Great buyer!
    9. Rostika bought a Soom Ai Dee Ear R. Head from me. She was very nice & paid right away. She also let me know when the head arrived.
    10. i sold a Soom Afi head to Rostika, it was a perfect transaction. great communication throughout, and let me know it arrived safely...... great buyer.
    11. Rostika bought a SOOM Skoll from me on layaway. The whole transaction was perfect; communication is great and she paid earlier than the due dates. Very sweet and friendly in PMs. She also let's me know when the doll arrived. Very good buyer, I would highly recommend her as a buyer.

      Thank you do much!
    12. This is 2nd transaction, I sold a Soom Trachy human to Rostika. it was perfect transaction, great communication and fast payment. and let me know it arrived safely. Very good buyer.Thanks again! :fangirl:
    13. Rostika bought a Soom MD Pyrol Unikenta from me! The deal was great from beginning to the end, she's really sweet, communicative and payments were fast and on time! She let me know when the little one arrived also. :3 She's a great buyer, I'd never hesitate in dealing with her again!!

      Большое спасибо!! X3
    14. Rostika bought a Soom head from me. She paid promptly and as very quick to reply messages. Moreover, she informed me when the head reached her safely. She was pleasant to deal with throughout the entire transaction! Thank you~
    15. Rostika bought soom afi hooves form me, and was a pleasure to work with! LEt me know when they arrived and paid quickly. Thank you so much! Would do buisness again any time ^^
    16. Rostika bought Hati head from me. She maid a quick payment and always was so nice and communicative. It was a pleasure to deal with and I hope that we can do business again in the future ^^!
    17. Positive
      Bought Kenny HoovesRostika was a pleasure to do business with, and very prompt with her payment.
    18. Rostika bought an Appini head from me.
      Positive transaction with nice communication! :3
      I definitely recommend her as a buyer to deal with. <3
    19. Once again, a great transaction with Rostika!

      She purchased my NYCC Purple Soom Smokey. She's very nice and communicatice, a real sweetie and all payments were made on time and even sooner than expected! She let me know when the little one arrived and I'm very glad he found a new loving home. x3

      &#1041;&#1086;&#1083;&#1100;&#1096;&#1086;&#1077; &#1089;&#1087;&#1072;&#1089;&#1080;&#1073;&#1086;! :aheartbea
    20. I sold soom md keny to Rostika.
      The payment was punctual and the transaction was very friendly!
      Thank you very much.^.^