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Feedback for Roterwolkenvogel

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Please let me and others know if I was a good or bad buyer/seller.
    2. I did a face-up for Roterwolkenvogel and she was a pleasure to work with! She paid fast and was really nice overall :)
    3. Roterwolkenvogel purchased an outfit from me and was a wonderful buyer! There was a bump in the road with shipping due to airport closures, but communication with her was wonderful and she kept me up to date on what was going on. I definitely recommend her! :)
    4. Roterwolkenvogel bought a ai head to me : communication was great, she let me know immediatly when the package arrive and she paid really fast. Smooth transaction, i recommend her ! :D
    5. Roterwolkenvogel purchased one of my LTF wigs and it went very smooth! Her communication is always quick and friendly, payment was prompt and she let me know when the item arrived to her! Thank you so much!
    6. Roterwolkenvogel participated in a Crobidoll GO. She replied quickly and paid on time. ^ ^ I recommend her to anyone.
    7. Roterwolkenvogel bought a DZ doll from me.
      The communication was great and her payment was super-fast. Absolutely a fantastic buyer. Highly recommended!
      Thank you so much~^^
    8. i had a wonderful commission with roterwolkenvogel
      A+ payment and overall communication <3
    9. Roterwolkenvogel: A+ any time again :)
    10. Roterwolkenvogel joined m Johnny Weir minimee GO. Her payment and commincation was quick and she was a delight to have onboard :) I'd recommend her as a GO participant any time!
    11. POSITIVE feedback for Roterwolkenvogel :)
      She buy from me a pair of hands and everything goes fast and smoothly ^_^
      Thank you!
    12. [POSITIVE]
      I purchased a DollZone Lola head from Roterwolkenvogel and she arrived safely, swiftly, and exactly as described.

      I am very happy with Roterwolkenvogel's communication and the transaction as a whole.

      Many Thanks! <3
    13. I've just received from Roterwolkenvogel the Heliot's bow and arrow I bought... it's wonderful.
      lightening-fast shipment, wonderfully packed and nice and kind communication, could have not desired anything more!
      thank you!
    14. Roterwolkenvogel joined my syen split for a soom teenie gem body.
      The transaction want smoothly. Fast payments and great communication.
      Great buyer! :D

      (Nah.. your questions are not stupid :D )
    15. awesome to work for. she was pretty great and made what I had to do easy!! EXCELLENTcommunication Thanks soooo much
    16. Roterwolkenvogel participated in my Crobidoll GO. Fast payment and good communication!
    17. Roterwolkenvogel took part in my SOOM Keny split for the mask. Was lovely to deal with throughout, paid promptly and always replied quickly to any PMs <3 Thanks for joining me!
    18. Roterwolkenvogel bought me some eyes.
      Fast payment and good comunication, really nice to deal with! ^^
    19. Bought an AngelHeim outfit and a pair of sandals from Roterwolkenvogel. Great communication, wonderful fun to talk with, speedy shipping, and safely packaged. <3 Thanks a bunch!
    20. Roterwolkenvogel bought a dollheart Cherry Classic dress set from me. She was kind, promt in paying and communication went perfect. Thanks!