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Feedback for rottedgirl

Dec 4, 2009

    1. Staring one for you. :)

      rottedgirl bought a yukata from me, and it was a very pleasant transaction. She told me exactly what she wanted, paid quickly, and was kind enough to let me know when it arrived safe and sound. Thanks!
    2. I just sent rottedgirl a pair of my free pants for her new doll, and her payment for the shipping was quick (not to mention she was very patient with me sending them out). A pleasure to deal with.
    3. Bought a couple of pieces from the 2009 Fukubukuro Dollheart, from Rottedgirl. Amazingly fast! They arrived here, Christmas Eve, in A++++ shape. :) Thanks a million!
    4. I bought a gorgeous dress (Dollheart white underdress) from rottedgirl (gotta love your user name..!) ~ and it arrive super-fast and in brand new condition.
      Very nice transaction in every way. Thanks!!!
    5. I bought a Soom Sphaler MD outfit from rottedgirl and everything went perfectly. Good communication and fast shipping. Would definitely buy from again!
    6. I bought a pair of eyes from rottedgirl,
      Everything went great, good communication, and fast shipping. Would buy from again! ^__^
    7. I bought a leeke wig off of rottedgirl. She shipped fast and was quick with communication, however her packaging of the wig could have been better. Thank you though!
    8. I bought an E-an head from rottedgirl, she was very friendly, she shipped the head fast and the head is absolutely gorgeous, I can totally recommend buying from rottedgirl!
      Thank you very much!
    9. The DOD Petsha wig I ordered from rottedgirl is lovely! The transaction was fast and smooth and communication was good. Thanks!
    10. rottedgirl sold me a Dollheart Sorceress outfit and all went well. She mailed it out quickly and was just great to deal with throughout. I highly recommend her. Thanks!
    11. Bought a Chalco default wig from rottetgirl. The transaction had been just perfect. Thank you
    12. Nika (rottegirl) purchased a tan Supia Rosy from me with a very short layaway. As it turned out--the layaway was even shorter than anticipated. Nika has great communication and the whole transaction was a complete delight. I wouldn't hesitate to do other transactions with her.

      Thank you!

    13. Bought a Leeke wig from rottedgirl , communication, shipping, transaction and wig was perfect!

      Thanks again!
    14. I bought a DoD E-an from her on a very reasonable layaway. She is very friendly and lovely to deal with. She let me know there was a bit of a change in the scheduled plan for the payment in enough time for me to make it work. She also sent the doll with a very simple kimono so that she would have some thing to wear when she arrived:). Thank you so much!!!!!
    15. rottedgirl participated in my most recent Dollmore group order. Communication was fantastic and payments were prompt. Thanks so much! ^_^
    16. I bought a Leeke wig from rottedgirl. wig was in excellent condition, just as described. Great to buy from!
    17. Rottedgirl participated in a Silt split I ran for the mask. Let me just say, she was awesome to work with, and really is a dream. She paid when she said she would, let me know right away for shipping preferences, and was even understanding with my paychecks arriving late and not being able to ship before the money transferred to my bank account, and then was kind enough to let me know when the items arrived. A dream to work with, I'd reccommend her to anyone!
    18. I bought the Pure Maid blouse from rottedgirl, and had a great transaction! I would definitely buy from her again. :)
    19. Bought a SOOM Sphaler with all dragon parts from rottedgirl, she was patient and welcoming in even the times I was frantic! The item was damaged in post, and she instantly went into action about helping me claim insurance on my beautiful doll~

      I would buy from her anyday!

    20. I bought a Soom Chrom head from rottedgirl. The package was great and the head arrived safe and sound! Thank you very much!