Feedback for RoxiaRose

Jan 24, 2018

    1. Starting a feedback thread for RoxiaRose!

      I'll start this thread off on a nice positive note! RoxiaRose bought a Dollshe Hound head from me. Communication was excellent, payment was quick, and they let me know once the package arrived. A perfect transaction :) Thanks again!
    2. RoxiaRose bought Ricky Gene head from me. She was wonderfully warm and pleasant in communication all along. Payment was prompt, too. Definitely would recommend as buyer.

    3. RoxiaRose bought a Ricky Helios and body from me. Was awesome to deal with. Payments were prompt and communication to top notch. I would definitely recommend as a buyer
    4. :cake:Positive feedback:chocoheart

      RoxiaRose bought a sd body from me and a wig and both transactions were smooth and absolutely perfect.
      RoxiaRose always had quick communication and was very fun to talk with too :) .
      I highly recommend them as a buyer and would happily work with them again:thumbup.
      Thank you so much RoxiaRose:hug:.
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    5. RoxiaRose purchased a Little Monica wig from me. She was very friendly in all communications, responded to PMs quickly, paid promptly, and let me know when the package arrived. She was all around great to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.
    6. RoxiaRose purchased an Illusion Spirit Minos from me. Beautiful transaction--everything smooth and easy with excellent communication. Much recommended.
    7. RoxiaRose bought my modded DC Ada and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant transaction!
      Amazong communication and quick payment, not to mention super sweet and fun to talk to! Even gifted me some amazing photos once she got the package! Thank you, enjoy your new little one! ❤
    8. RoxiaRose bought my Volks Hijikata head. They paid promptly and was a pleasure to talk to. Would love to do business with them again. Thank you
    9. RoxiaRose bought a DOD Ducan from me - quick payment and awesome communication.
      She was also super understanding as the parcel was delayed 6-7 weeks due to no international flights.
      Thank you again!
    10. RoxiaRose bought two blind bags from me. Really kind buyer, good communication paid quickly, and let me know when the items arrived.