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Feedback for RPC (HappyBentoKid and WaWaMelon)

Sep 24, 2006

    1. Hello (^o^)/''

      This is the feedback thread for HappyBentoKid and WaWaMelon on DOA. If we have bought or sold things for you please feel free to write something here :daisy.

      If we had customized your dears (faceup,esthetics, etc.) You may leave comments here or at our customizing thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32874

      Don't be afraid to leave suggestions here (just be kind :sweat). We will do our best to improve and keep everyone happy.

      Have a wonderful day :arainclou
    2. I bought a wig from HappyBentoKid and its lovely, great condition and a good deal too! Sjhe was also helpful in finding me the cheapest way to ship. Thankyou :)
    3. i bought a wig from HappyBentoKid, fast shipping, awesome communication. so very happy, thank you!!!
    4. HappyBentoKid did the esthetics on my OD and I love him sooo much. Thank You You're the Greatest!!
    5. i bought my f16 from happybentokid and she did the face up on him and it's just so perfect! i'm very happy with my new boy ^^
    6. Yah! They did the most beautiful faceup on my DES, and were very quick about it! They sent the cutest little gifts along with her! Absolutely wonderful to deal with.
    7. HappyBentoKid did the faceup on my vampire Shiwoo. There was plenty of communication and he turned out looking gorgeous. I wouldn't hesitate to have her do another faceup for me.

      She even managed to time the delivery so that he arrived the day after I returned home from vacation! ^_^

      tl;dr: professional A+++ service.
    8. I highly, highly recommend RCP (: Lovely work on my girl!
    9. More feedback from me! They've since done 3 more faceups for me - they are insanely talented! I can't thank them enough.
    10. Happybentokid is a saviour !!! gosh *huggles her* she met up with me to suede my little dollie :) she fixed her up within a week and even cleaned her dirty little face. Her suede job was perfect ! now my doll can pose like a dream !

      thank you so much happybentokiddddd :aheartbea

      Highly recommend !
    11. i bought 2 great wigs from wawamelon! the shipping was real fast. thanks so much!
    12. HappyBentoKid did a faceup on my guy - it was perfect, and he was back to me soon, so I was extra-happy!
    13. Had yet another wonderful transaction with them! And now that I look back, I never even had the common curtosey to leave feedback for the first!!! O_O!

      Well. I have commissioned these ladies to do a grand total of FOUR of my heads. :) I cannot spew forth enough goodness about them. They are a very talented team and very understanding about everything! Sweet, sweet people. :)

      I also bought a doll on a longer layaway from them and they were supr with communication, fast with shipping and packed everyone up just wonderfully.

      Thanks again RPC. <3!
    14. I ordered SD13 Girl for WaWaMelon. (Sato FCS)

      WaWaMelon really is a great pleasure to deal with.
      Excellent communication, very smooth payments!! Everything is perfect.
      Thank you very much :D :aheartbea

      I highly recommend WaWaMelon :thumbup
    15. I bought a cute white shirt from WaWaMelon - smooth transaction, and my boy loves his new shirt - thanks!
    16. I recieved my boy in today's UPS. I could not wait to open that box. My fingers were shaking with excitement.

      Imagine, having seen the pictures and then my eyes falling on that loveliness! Photos do not even begin to cover how beautiful he is.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    17. WaWaMelon participated in my Dollga group order and was a stellar buyer. :) She paid me very quickly for her share of the group order and was friendly in her communication! Thank you so much for a wonderful, smooth transaction! :cake:
    18. WaWaMelon bought some outfits from me~
      and make a very quickly payment~~
      she is soo nice to deal with~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    19. I bought a pair of ginarolo eyes from WaWaMelon, and the transaction was smooth. Communication was extremely kind and always cheerful! <3 Eyes came exactly as described, with some candy. ^_^ Shipping super quick and well-packaged. Thank you so much!!
    20. I purchased a pair of MSD Shoes from WaWaMelon.

      They were shipped the next day, and arrived the day after.

      My payment was quick, and she responded very quickly aswell.

      Thanks WaWaMelon!