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Feedback for ruppychan

Jul 15, 2010

    1. Feedback for ruppychan

      Please leave feedback for me once our transaction had been completed! Thanks so much! :dance
    2. Ruppychan commissioned a hoodie from me and was extremely patient, fun to talk to, and incredible to work with! Would love to make more things for in the future!
    3. ruppychan bought a shirt from our last update. Quick with payment and a delight to work with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    4. Ruppychan bought a SD sized skateboard, everything went really well payment was quick, lets me know when it arrives!
      its a great working with her!
      thanks alot!!!!
    5. Im a he Kori >w<;
    6. Thank you all ^w^ <3
    7. sry about that
      Ruppychan bought a SD sized skateboard, everything went really well payment was quick, lets me know when it arrives!
      its a great working with him!
      thanks alot!!!!
    8. XD Its ok hun <3 and thanks to you too XD <3
    9. Ruppychan bought some clothes from me and it was a very good transaction. He let me know when the clothes arrived - good buyer!
    10. Ruppychan bought my Dollzone Dragon tiny on a short layaway from me. He was good with communication. Paid with good time, a great buyer!
    11. Sorry I should have leave feedback earlier >.<
      I sold ruppychan dolomi outfits and fantasy parts. She was awesome! Very friendly in communication and she kept me posted all the time. I enjoyed the transaction between us. Thank you!
    12. Sold a customised handmade furwig to ruppychan. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    13. ruppy bought a shirt from me, and of course everything went smoothly! Thank you so much Ruppy! <3
    14. ruppychan bought a delf Moon head from me. She's really nice, sweet, friendly and fast at replys. Quick payment. I'll deal with her again with no doubt! Highly recommended!! :)

      Thank you very very much!! :D
    15. Ruppychan bought a Soom Onyx/Chrom hybrid from me. He was super friendly, kept up good communication and even paid before the agreed-upon date! I would be happy to do business again~ ^_^
    16. Ruppychan bought a SOOM male Amber/Obsidius from me. good communication and pay in time. thank you for you give the lovely doll a new home. ^-^
    17. she had a treat that she was looking for a soom grit outfit.
      I had one for sell so I pmd.
      she diddnt had the money on that moment but she could pay me in about 2 months I sayd it was ok.
      we kept contact.

      after we spoke for a day and what the costs would be she pmd me that the would pm me when she send the money.,
      but I diddnt got a pm or the money.

      I pmed het a couple times.
      no answere.
      she could at least send me an pm that she diddnt want it anymore.

      so sorry but negative feedback
    18. after a while she send me she was been ill, and still wanted the outfit

      she had send me the money and i the outfit.
      onley tha mail tok verry long.
      like a month/
      she just pmd me she had it and she sended me pictures of het doll with the outfit.

      have a lot of fun with it.

      so the negative first will me positive now
    19. ruppychan purchased a kimochi hoodie from me. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. She even sent a pic of her little one wearing it. :)
      A++ buyer

      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction. :)
    20. I sold my LTF Reni to ruppychan, and everything went flawlessly. Great buyer...quick payment...couldn't ask for better :)