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feedback for Ruta

Oct 19, 2009

    1. I am glad to hear you ;)
    2. I had a very shaky transaction involving Russian Customs extortion (honestly, their fees are obscene *_*) with Ruta, but everything got sorted out eventually and Ruta was a very sweet and understanding buyer of my Siamese Baha ^_^ I would definitely sell to her again - now I know the way Russian customs works! :lol: Besides that we had no issues at all, and her communication was brilliant so no complaints here :)
    3. Ruta bought DOC Tender Zen from me and the transaction went perfectly smooth from start to finish!! :) We arranged a layaway and Ruta was always very prompt with communication and payments arrived on time! Excellent buyer, no complaints whatsoever, I would never hesitate to deal with her again!

      Thank you very much, Ruta!! :)
    4. Ruta bought my modded dark elf Ttori (kid delf). No incidents. Smooth transaction. Would sell to again.
    5. I also had a major problem with Russian customs involving poor Siamese Ringo to go missing for a few months but Ruta was VERY patient and did all the work that I couldn't have done...thank you so much for all your help and I hope you enjoy your Pipos Siamese family!!!! :kitty:
    6. Ruta bought my little Popo fox, and everything went very smoothly. It was an excellent transaction all around. ^_^
    7. Ruta bought a Minifee head from me, and it was a very smooth transaction! I would definitely do business with Ruta again. :daisy
    8. Ruta bought my choco puki Cupid. She was very friendly and paid straight away. It was a nerve wracking time waiting for confirmation of delivery but Ruta assures me that this was normal with parcels sent to Russia. I was very relieved when it arrived!
      I would highly recommend Ruta to anyone wanting to sell or buy. She is very sweet and the transaction ended well for both of us.
    9. I bought a faceplate from pacchan. She shipped right away and was very friendly over PMs. I would definitely do business with her again. Thanks, pacchan!
    10. Ruta purchased a DZ dragon from me. She was very lovely to buyer. I'm very happy to deal with her. Thank you very much:)
    11. Ruta bought a doll from me and paid quickly. It was a great transaction. Good communication, everything perfect. Could not ask for a better buyer! I highly recommend her!
    12. Ruta bought some doll props from me. Friendly buyer. Payment sent quick. Thank you!
    13. I bought Elfdoll Hiro from Ruta and it was an excellent transaction, she packaged him so well it took me about five minutes to get through all the wrapping! :) I'm really happy and would definitely buy from Ruta again.
    14. I bought an Or-Doll Anderl NS head from Ruto and it was a marvelous transaction. They packaged the head very well and shipped him to me fast. Also, great communication. I would buy from Ruta again in a heartbeat! Highly recommended. Thank you!
    15. I bought a Souldoll Lampard from Ruta and it was a wonderful transaction. Communication was quick and friendly, and the shipping was also very quick. I would definitely buy from her again!
    16. Ruta bought a Pipos Jr Pi Ringo from me and I highly recommend her. She paid quickly, was friendly and let me know what she arrived. It was a pleasure selling to her.