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Feedback for Ryojung

Nov 2, 2010

    1. Made for Ryojung... ^^

      Ryojung bought my DOD Ducan head recently. One month layaway, with 2 payments. Paid faster than expected, communication was smooth, no problems whatsoever. Ryojung also let me know when the head arrived. ^^ A reliable buyer.

      @Ryojung : Thanks so much for adopting my Ducan. ^^

    2. I bought an Angell-Studio 62cm Girl Body - White Skin.
      Ryojung was quick with answering my PM's,
      My girl was cleaned before sending, and Ryojung told me she was send and gave me tracking code, and was really nice.
      We had good communication. I really liked doing business with Ryojung. A reliable seller. I would certainly buy from Ryojung again.

      @ Ryojung: Thanks for leverything, I'm really glad with the body!
    3. NEGATIVE. Made a deal with me and when it was sure, backed off. Hold my time and my doll. Please, be more straight!
    4. Ryojung bought a Lati Blue from me. It was great to deal with Ryojung. Ryojung made payment very quickly and was a pleasure to deal with and even sent me a photo of the doll when it arrived at her home. had very good comunication and Ryojung is a trustworthy person.
    5. I bought Ellen from Ryojung!
      We had some problems with the post office but Ryojung solved them really fast!
      She even gave me a sleepy head for free! :D The doll came out perfectly ^^
      It's a positive feedback for sure!
    6. I bought a pair of SOOM Nephelin hands and horns from Ryojung and everything went very smoothly.She was amazing to deal with and sent the items super quickly!
      I would deal with her again!
      Thank you ^ ^
    7. Ryojung bought a SD17 Williams head from me. The transaction went prefectly. She pay me super fast. And inform me immediately when he is arrived. She is very nice to deal with.
      This is the best transaction I have recently in DOA. Thank you so much! :) :)
    8. Ryojung offered me her beautiful Soom Nephelin, after she read my WTB.^^
      She is very friendly, answered quickly on my PM´s and everthing was perfect.
      After, I have a little private disaster, she was still friendly and have a little waiting on my Layaway-Payment.
      The shiping was really fast and the doll was very good packed.
      I can highly recommend her. She is a beautiful seller and it was a pleasure business with her.

      Thank you very much Ryojung! ^3^