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Feedback for Ryoko

Mar 21, 2007

    1. Please! *^^* Leave your feedback. Thanks :fangirl:

      For references, I have excellent feedback in Dreams (spanish BJD forum) and 100% positive on Ebay with the ID Alexichiban.
    2. I had a wonderful transaction with Ryoko!

      She responded pleasantly to PM's, shipped quickly and PM'd me with a tracking number.

      I would buy from her again! :D
    3. I sold Ryoko quite a large lot of SD things and it was a smooth transaction, I would recommend her as a buyer! :) Many thanks!
    4. Sold her quite a bit of SD stuff, and the transaction was excellent. Everything proceeded smoothly, with regular communication and prompt payment. A fantastic buyer!
    5. Ryoko bought a SD outfit from me. It was a smooth transaction, I would recommend her as a buyer! Thanks again!

    6. Inma bought an expensive item from me on lay away - she paid promptly every time, great communication - can recommend her 100%!!

      Thank you Inma - have fun with her!
    7. Wonderful transaction! I am so sorry it took so long for the head to arrive but I'm glad you like it! :)
    8. Ryoko just bought a pair of zoukeimura eyes from me. She paid quickly and was always friendly and responsive in her PMs. I would definitely engage in transaction with her in the future! :daisy
    9. thanks ryoko!! the wig is perfect! and you are sweet and fast!! recomended!!!+++++
    10. Ryoko purchased a pair of BTSSB shoes from me! Super quick payment and prompt communication! Thanks so much! Recommend to all!!!!!!
    11. :daisy:daisy:daisy:daisy:daisy

      I had a wonderful transaction with Ryoko ~*~**~

      She is an excellent buyer ! Fast, immediate payment and lovely emails ~*~**~

      ~**~* Thank You ~*~* so much for a great transaction!


    12. Ryoko bought an outfit from me, she was awesome to deal with! Very nice, good communication and quick to pay. Thank you so much!
    13. Great buyer!
      Always a pleasure to deal with :D
    14. Ryoko purchased a dress set from me. She is a wonderful buyer and a pleasure to deal with :aheartbea

      Thank you so much :D
    15. Ryoko bought a pair of shoes from me. She was pleasant to deal with and I would definitely sell to her again! :D
    16. I sold a wig to Ryoko, and it was a smooth transaction. She made payment fast and she was very pleasant to deal with. She also informed me when the package was arrived. I'd love to do business with her again in future. Thanks a lot!
    17. ryoko purchased a ran head from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^
    18. Ryoko bought a Ran in Harajuku outfit for me via layaway. She was very nice and pleasant and was patient with me taking a bit to mail it out. I'd definitely do business with her again :D
    19. Ryoko bought an SD outfit from me and it was a lovely transaction. She paid right away and let me know immediately when the package arrived. She's a very trustworthy and considerate buyer.
    20. Ryoko bought an SD sweatshirt from me! It was a nice transaction with good communication! Thank you!