Feedback for RyokoDWolfwood

Mar 29, 2009

    1. RyokoDWolfwood purchased a Maki Tsuyoshi suit from me- the transaction went smoothly, and she was very easy to do business with. Highly recommended!
    2. I purchased a pair of Dollmore panties from RyokoDWolfwood. She had very good communication and let me know right away when there were some slight delays in shipping. She sent out the package as quickly as she could the following week. A very trustworthy seller. Thank you very much. I'm absolutely satisfied with this transaction. Recommended! :)
    3. I bought a DOD Ducan wig from RyokoD. It arrive very quickly, in perfect condition and communication was great. Highly recommended seller!
    4. Bought an S&M msd wig from Ryoko..arrived quickly and really nice <3 Thanks so much. :)
    5. I purchased a DZ Leo from RyokoDWolfwood. He arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Thank you for a great transaction!
    6. I bought her a Dollzone chinese dragon. She sent it quickly and she was very kind, well communication and the dolll is too cute in perfect condition!

      Thank you so much!!! :)
    7. RyokoDWolfwood commissioned an outfit from me. She was wonderful to work with - quick replies to questions, very friendly. Excellent communication and overall transaction. Thanks so much! I enjoyed making the outfit and I'm glad you like it. :)
    8. Bought a set of eyes from her, real cheap and quick shipping! I'd do business with her again anyday!!
    9. purchased SD guess doll jeans, fast shipping & they look good. hope to do business with again. Thanks!
    10. Purchased a wig from RyokoDWolfwood. She was easy and pleasant to deal with, and stayed in contact.
      The wig arrived quickly, and in great condition, so both a happy owner and happy doll! Thanks! :)
    11. Purchased a wig from RyokoDWolfwood. The process was quick and friendly, and the wig arrived in lovely condition.
      Thanks so much! : )
    12. I bought a pair of ryoya boots from RyokoDWolfwood.She was very patient and kind throughout the deal^^ the item was sent out promptly and it is in pristine condition!
      Thank you so much !!
    13. I bought a volks Yo-sd Rabbit set from RyokoDWolfwood. She was very pleasant to deal with and the item was sent ver promptly. My little yo loves the outfit and so do I!!! Highly recommended.
    14. RyokoDWolfwood purchased a Volks SD16 Daria head from me on a brief layaway. Communication was good, payments were prompt and she let me know once the head arrived to her. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)
    15. RyokoDWoldwood was a member in my Soom Go. She was a great member and a wonderful person to have join :)
    16. RyokoDWolfwood purchased an SD hat from me.
      They paid quickly and communication was great.
      I would definitely sell to them again.
      Thanks and enjoy! :)
    17. RyokoDWolfwood participated in my twenty-second Leekeworld group order and was a wonderful participant to work with. They kept up communication very well from their end and paid their invoices promptly, making things smooth, easy and pleasant. A great transaction; definitely recommended~

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      &#9786;][ T h a n k i e s!! ][&#9786;
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    18. Sold a pair of Dollheart bloomers to RyokoDWolfwood. Fast payment and good communication! Thanks~
    19. I purchased a Kujo's wig from RyokoDWolfwood. She was very nice throughout all communications and the package was sent out super fast! I'm extremely happy with the transaction! Thank you!! :)
    20. Friday bumps <333