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Feedback for ryuukai

Jun 14, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me here ;)

      Any problems then please PM me about it first and I'll see if I can help resolve any issues xx
    2. We traded bodies and I'm very happy with the result, though PF did it's best to cause problems. Sarah is great to deal with, very reliable and a lovely person. I'd recommend her to anyone and hope we can do business again sometime.
    3. During July and September, ryuukai let me have a layaway for her Dikadoll body. It arrived safe and sound, and is just what I needed. She was friendly, efficient, and was great to deal with! Very smooth international transaction!
    4. Sold a pair of jointed hands to Sarah, she is super friendly, paid quickly and was overall a joy to transact with!! She was also very understanding of my travel plans! Thanks for being so great!!!