Feedback for Saapas

Aug 18, 2017

    1. Leave feedback here, thank you! : 3
    2. @Saapas bought Soom Happy\Lucky head from me, the deal went great, thank you!
    3. @Saapas purchased a kimono set from me and I found them to be a great customer. They were great at responding, quick and reliable at payment, and was great at letting me know when the package arrived! Looking forward to further transactions with them!
    4. @Saapas brought a shirt from me. Great transaction. Communication was great and payment was prompt. I highly recommend. I do not mind doing business with again. Thanks!
    5. Saapas bought my Honey Delf Sherbet who had some minor damage. Very easy transaction, quick communication and payment! They let me know when the doll arrived safely, and I can't fault as a buyer :3nodding:
    6. I bought charmdoll Jonasson back ghost parts from Saapas it was wrapped very carefully and came in great condition. It was a great transaction since seller was very responsive. A wonderful seller overall :3nodding: