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Feedback for Sabrina

Jun 20, 2006

    1. If you've had transactions with me, please leave feedback here.

      Thank you! :daisy
    2. Sabrina is great to deal with. Pays promptly and is so easy to communicate with. Very sucessful and pleasant experience with her. Recommend. bjbnut
    3. Lovely girl - very nice transaction. Thank you!
    4. Thanks Sabrina! It was great doing 'business' with you - and I'm delighted
      that you're happy with the wig and eyes!!!
      Robyn in WA :)
    5. Excellent buyer! She bought a bunch of pocket fairy items from me. She was super polite and lightening fast with her payment. She let me know as soon as the items arrived and was prompt to leave feedback for me. I highly recommend dealing with Sabrina!
    6. Organized a group order I was in, and ran it perfectly! Always extremely fast with replies to any questions: thank you so much! ^_^
    7. Sabrina is the cats meow :) She ran a perfect group order for Latidoll and everything went smooth.

      Thanks so much!
    8. I recently had a very pleasant & smooth transaction with Sabrina. Her payment was prompt & she let me know her items arrived safely. I would welcome & recommend future transactions with Sabrina. Thank you! :)
    9. Sabrina bought a doll from me and was a delight to communicate with! She was fast to answer pms and e-mails, was prompt with her payment and let me know right away when the doll arrived. I highly reccommend any transactions with her.
    10. Good communication, fast payment, overall a great buyer! ^_^ A pleasure to deal with~
    11. Sabrina is so wonderful to deal with! She sold me her little doll and packed her so well, she was ready for a space voyage, but thankfully the little thing only had to travel two counties over and arrived in perfect shape. I love her! Thank you so much again, Sabrina!!!
    12. Sabrina was such a pleasure to do business with!! She was quick to reply and it was nice chatting with her :) Thank you so much for my little Lati!
    13. Sabrina made everything easy! Paid promptly, and kept me updated <3 Would definitely recommend :)
    14. Sabrina bought a YOSD from me. Great transcation, good communication and prompt payment. Highly recommended, thank you^^
    15. Sabrina's the best! I love the Coco! She's better then I expected! Thank you for everything!
      Big dolly hug!
    16. Sabrina and I swapped LaTi Yellow size dolls (her Lumi for my tan Lea:) ). Im so happy about transaction with her ^^ She is very nice person, perfect transaction, very fast shipping, nice and friendly email all the way.
      Thanks so much ^^
    17. Sabrina participated in a group order that I ran and her communication was awesome. She always sent money promptly. I would definitely do business with her again.
    18. Another great transcation with Sabrina. She bought a YoSD from me. Good communication and prompt payment, thank you so much!
    19. Sabrina participated in another group order that I ran. She's so awesome. *hugs* pays on time, is sweet and communication was great. thanks so much!
    20. Sabrina bought a pair of hands from me. Great transcation with good communication and prompt payment, thank you so much!