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Feedback for SadameMusouka

Oct 4, 2007

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    1. This feedback thread is for user SadameMusouka.

      Please leave me feedback if you've done business with me either way. n_n:aheartbea
    2. Date: Sunday, April 30th, 2008 - Database Weekend

      GAPS in POSTING?
      As you'll surely notice, I've been a member since January 2007, but this thread was created in October 2007, which was around the time I got access to the MP (yeah it took me that long to post that many posts), but before October/September I didn't have a doll to shop for.

      You'll see that this post is posted in March 2008, so there's a significant gap of time between October 2007 and March 2008. It's been awhile since my last post, because I was unable to find things I was actually going to buy in the marketplace. Then school took over and got me busy. Now I'm back and doing many researchy things for my projects in marketing and VCT classes involving ABJDs.
      As a result I will be around as much as I can, because DoA has great resources. I would've posted this in my first post, but it appears that option is no longer available for updating. That's fine, but you should keep an eye out just in case.

      As a result of my lack of buying stuff from here, there isn't much feedback. I love buying stuff and I want you to feel confident in me as being a reliable customer. Please take a look at my eBay Feedback until I can get more feedback left here.
      I'm proud of my 100% feedback level on eBay. I will always make my payments as soon as I commit to buying something and have the sellers' information to make payment (never having the info has never happened because I used eBay).
      Regarding service, my preferences regarding sellers involves prompt, clear, polite communication and prompt ship-out. By prompt ship-out, I mean if I pay for an item on a Monday night using PayPal (payment confirmation has always been within an hour of payment), I appreciate knowing that it's shipping out the very next day Tuesday. I have only had one instance in my entire internet-buying history where I have not received an item I paid for and it was through Amazon in Jan/Feb 2008.

      I've been reading through threads that have negative feedback and I've noticed a big problem with communication. Aside from Den of Angels, I have a very active social life. This is my other contact information as of 03/30/2008. I have no problem posting my contact information here, because I have it posted ultimately on the Eagle Anime website (because I'm the manager).

      krin0005@go.century.edu (school email)
      Gaia Profile
      FaceBook Profile

      I look forward to doing business with you and thank you so much for reading this update.
    3. Date: Sunday, April 30th, 2008 - Database Weekend

      If you do not want to format your Feedback according to my template standards, please at least format the "Title:" by posting the date & feedback type in the following format: "[Day, Month #Date, Four-Digit Year] - Positive/Negative"
      When it's done correctly it should look like this without quotation marks: "Sunday, April 30th, 2008 - Positive"

      This is a little template I took the time to make for my sellers to leave feedback with. Why?:
      ->This template benefits Potential Sellers by keeping the format consistent, which makes it easier to read.
      ->This template benefits me keep a consistent record of my purchase feedback so I can easily find back a purchase I've made if I need to for whatever reason.
      ->This template benefits my Sellers by encouraging them to add a link to their shop.

      Order Type: What the order was primarily consisted of (ex. Clothing)
      Date Ordered: 00/00/0000
      Date Paid: 00/00/0000
      Payment Method: Paypal, COD, etc.
      Shipping Method: UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc
      Date Shipped: 00/00/0000 When did this item officially leave your supervision to be shipped?

      Purchased Items: Outfit title, manufacturer (ex. Dollheart Fantasy Warrior)
      Items Included: If it is an outfit that you created and would like to post a description so other people can see it, please do otherwise this is used to detail full outfit sets that have missing pieces (ex. "entire outfit except the white & red leather cape")
      Link to Seller Shop: Post a link to your DoA shop if you have one - maybe someone reading my feedback will think "I'd like one of those" and boom, they have a link to your shop.

      Prompt Payment?: Yes/No
      Effective Communication?: Yes/No
      Would Do Business Again?: Yes/No

      Additional Details/Comments:
      If you answered "No" to any of the last three questions, please state why.
      If you answered "Yes" to any of the last three questions, please detail what you specifically liked/appreciated about doing business with me.
      Please post any additional details or comments you wish to share, including constructive criticism or tips.
    4. I tried the templates and nothing happened so I am going out on my own.
      Sadame Musouka had dealings on: Mar-26-08
      She purchased a…. Pipos Baha Kitty
      She had a prompt payment…..Yes
      She had effective communication.….yes, friendly
      Would I do business again ....definitely
      I drove her nuts with the Cute Kitty Pictures! She could resist Kitty's animal magnetism!
    5. And I love my Pipos Baha, which I still have.