Feedback for Saeyaka

Sep 10, 2016

    1. I'm starting to use the marketplace.
      Please, leave your feedback in this thread.

      Thank you very much!
    2. Saeyaka bought Luts tiny delf tyltyl human parts from me. They paid promptly and let me know when the package arrived safely. It was a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you!
      I had a wonderful transactionI buying a Luts Delf Aragorn from Saeyaka. He was sent out bright and early on the day she said she was going to ship him. He was well packaged with a face protector. He came with so many extras! Tons of clothes, shoes, a wig and eyes. She even included a silicone cap you use to keep the wig in place, a beautiful necklace, and even socks and underwear. Everything was high quality, well kept, clean and smelled freshly washed.
      I couldn't be happier with my boy! Thank you Saeyaka! <3
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