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Feedback for Saffron!

Aug 6, 2011

    1. Since I'm joining a group order on here I thought it would be a good time to start my own feedback thread. ^^ Thank you in the future to anyone who helps me build up my rep!
    2. I thought I may as well give you feedback for being a buyer. :)
      Saffron has been delightful to do business with right from the start. She bought 3 items from me, paid immediately and informed me as soon as she got the items. Thanks a lot Saffron. :)
    3. Saffron bought my DoD outfit. Everything was perfect throughout the entire process. Very nice to work with :D Thanks
    4. Saffron participated in my LUTS group order this past month. She was very friendly and easy to work with, as well as being quick in replying to my PMs and paying promptly. Thanks for helping make my first GO a great one. I would gladly do business with you again! >w< :fangirl:
    5. Saffron bought an AS outfit from me. Communications and payment were prompt and she was very understanding about the string that came out of the outfit when I informed her about it. She's also a very friendly and pleasant person to talk to and we even started chatting about dolls. Overall a great pleasure to trade with! I hope your little one likes the outfit! :)
    6. Saffron participated in my Dollmore GO :D! She was lovely to work with; friendly quick communication, prompt payment, and patient while waiting for the order to come in.

      ^u^ I'd love to host her again, no problemo!

    7. Saffron commissioned two outfits from me - one for a Super Gem boy and one for a MSD girl. It was one of the most pleasant transactions I've been through - she has really good taste, so that it was a pure pleasure to sew those beautiful clothes for her <3 She is also very mature, patient and kind to deal with. She paid right away and followed every instruction, which makes her a dream client xD Really! I can't say enough good things about her. I really hope that we will trade again in the future <3
    8. Saffron commissioned me for blushing of her Heliot hooves and horn. She knew exactly what she wanted which made it super easy to just jump in and start working. She was really patient and overall just a pleasure to deal with. I'm happy to have helped complete her Heliot and would most definitely be happy to have a transaction with her again in the future.

      Thank you~! :3
    9. Saffron was in my latest Leekeworld GO, and as per usual, she was an angel to work with.

      More notably, Saffron allowed me to work on her girl, Annette, for a complete body blush and mani/pedi job.

      This would be my first more official commission work, and I am very blessed to have had Saffron as my first customer. She is wonderfully patient, understanding, and friendly! Saffron also had a pretty concrete idea of what she wanted, which made working for her a breeze. She also gave me plenty of freedom as the artist to do what I saw fit.

      Thank you so much for helping me start out, Saff! I couldn't have had a better first experience working with a customer, and you've given me a wonderfully positive start right off the bat!

      - L.
    10. Saffron purchased 2 Puki FPs from me. Payment was quick and communication was kept throughout the transaction. It was a pleasure :) Thanks so much.
    11. Saffron purchased a Pukipuki body from me. It was a fabulous transaction what was completed in less than 24 hours! What more can you ask for! Their communication was immediate and they were a pleasure to do business and just talk dollie with! Thank you so much, I love the pic of your completed Puki!!
      DMM :kitty2
    12. Saffron participated in my 2079Realms wholesale GO. Communication and payment were timely and everything went smoothly. Thanks for joining!!
    13. Saffron bought a doll from me, and everything went perfectly! I can't say enough good things, everything was friendly, professional, and smooth. Thank you so much for everything! I would be happy to work with Saffron again :)
    14. I bought a Soom OE Serin/Rico head from Saffron and it was a really lovely and professional transaction!!! Communication was very pleasant and efficient and she shipped super fast! I was very, very pleased! I would highly, highly recommend Saffron as a seller :)
    15. I bought a Soom R Serin/Rico head from the wonderful Saffron, my transaction with her was handled so well and professionally even when I had a lot of questions about the head she was amazing and kind to me. She shipped the head super quickly and the head was packed so solidly. I would highly recommend purchasing from Saffron and would happily and without a doubt buy from her again.
    16. Saffron joined my recent Leeke GO. She paid promptly and was great to work with. Thanks for joining!
    17. Saffron bought my Soom Adamelli hooves, paid really fast :lol: and let me know as soon as they arrived! Fast, easy, zero drama~ all good things in a buyer haha
    18. I participated in a split for SOOM LG FCE head with Saffron. Everything went wonderfully! She is nice, smooth and communicative. When the order arrived she shipped the head fast and very well protected in a box to avoid any damage. I would gladly deal with Saffron again! Thank you!:XD:
    19. I'm terribly sorry for such late feedback! TT Saffron ordered an outfit in my Beyond Wonderland commission studio and the transaction went perfect. Thank you so much for commissioning, you are a very reliable person! I am looking forward to trading with you again <3
    20. I participated in Saffron's Lucywen Split. They were very communicative and shipped out the item fast. The whole transaction went smoothly. I highly recommend them and thank you so much!