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feedback for saintaya

Jul 30, 2006

    1. Edit: 25/4/2007

      For those who bought stuff from me or I bought something from u or we had some items traded please do leave a feedback for me on what you think of me or is there anything I shall make it to improve such as the communication area there or the product there. This feedback do help me alot in the future. Thank you so much! :)

      Special thanks to cyrillezhane, for supporting me and give me all sorts of advice that I need for the thread.
    2. Weeeeee!!! me first! I've recieved a package before from saintaya... though due to some inicident I didn't got to recieve the main item, but I was surprise that she sent me a gift item along with it so I was happy at least I did recieve something. ^_^

      Saintaya is a good friend right now I'm waiting a package from her again and like the first one its for FREE! Oh she's really a kind person! So considerate... she knew my struggles in finding stuffs for my girl and she was willing to privide some for me... She's so very helpful!

      The moment I recieve her package I will immadiately post pictures here so that people would see her wonderful work!

      Saintaya a very good, kind, and generous person... I defenitely recomend her to you guys! ^_^

      God Bless Saintaya! ^.^
    3. I love the gifts saintaya has given me. <3 The necklaces and braclets are so cute and well made. I love the hat as well. I strongly suggest purchasing from her. She's amazing. ^^
    4. I have just traded a wig with saintaya and it arrived really quick perfectly packed and in superb condition, she is super sweet to deal with and would not hesaitate to so again anytime... Huge thanks and dollfei hugs.....<3<3 <3
    5. ^^~!

      I traded with saintaya, pixel dolls for a choker/bracelet set, and I got them 2 days ago

      They are SO CUTE~ and well made!! And the trade went perfectly, and communication was great <3

      Definitely would do business with her again ^0^ (Wait, I already am~!! Haha)
    6. I just love the shoes I got from this seller!! Many thanks Pam:aheartbea
    7. I got shoes from this seller and Justin loves them :)
    8. I just bought some shoes from saintaya! They're adorable!!! :D Megan will love them!! Thanks so much!!
    9. Uh uh, she bought a pair of eyes from me.
      Great communication, fast payment and absolutely lovely person to deal with :) Hopefully 'see you later!'
    10. I bought a wig and it arrived today, looks great! I reccomend Saintaya, she was great to do business with! ^_^
    11. I definitely recommend saintaya. I bought a pair of shoes from her and they didn't take too long to ship and were very well packaged. (They're also adorable. ^_^ ) Thanks, saintaya!
    12. saintaya bought some items from my shop. she paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended
    13. Saintaya and i did a trade. The socks she made for my girls fit perfectly and are just amazing and everything went smoothly and quickly. She's great to work with and even included a small gift. I wouldn't hesitate to do buisiness with her again :)
    14. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!

      [website order ^^]
    15. I bought a lovely set of eyes from Saintaya.
      They arrived safely and well packaged.
      Would definetly not hesitate to buy from again.
    16. I received a package today from Saitaya - my GORGEOUS choker for my Si!

      It's perfectly made and I'm astounded at how fast the postage was! It is very well packed too & now all I need to do is go home and try it on him.

      I'd recommend Saintaya to anyone, her communication is excellent and i've had a fantastically easy transaction with her.

      Thank you!

    17. I had a choker made for my girl by saintaya ^_^
      She's really easy to order from and I got my choker pretty quickly^_^

      I'm very happy with her work, and I would recommend others to deal with her as well :D
    18. Thans so much!
      Good buyer~ So glad to deal with her~~ ^0^
      I'm so glad that the wig is fit for your doll~~~
      Thanks very much!
    19. Oh I forgot about feedback threads! I applied for her free choker n bracelet and we had a smooth chat in PMs, fast to reply and has good taste with the choker colours (I left it up to her). ;) I received the item within 1-2weeks (can't remember) and I'm very pleased with the quality and weave-work. Thanks again! :ahearbea
    20. I bought a pair of eyes from Saintaya. She was very easy to deal with and the eyes arrived quickly and in great condition! Thanks~