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Feedback for saioa_bilbo

May 9, 2009

    1. Since she doesn't have a feedback thread, I created one for her :]

      I just unpacked my Ace bought from her.
      He is just perfect, arrived perfectly safe, and with little gifts!!

      Very nice seller, 100% recommended :aheartbea
    2. Just bought a gorgeous Soom Skoll from saioa bilbo. She was really great to deal with the whole time, very friendly and quick to respond. I'm mo happy to finally get hold of one of these rare little dolls, and pleased by the almost reasonable price I paid too! Shipping was super fast, and Skoll is in lovely condition. Thank you!
    3. Just had a sweet doll arrive from Saioa :) A freindly and professional seller to deal with. Excellent packaging & fast shipping. I would buy from this seller again in a heartbeat! Thanks again :)
    4. Bought an almost Fullset SOOM MD Chrom in like new condition from saioa_bilbo for an awesome price. She is a great seller with excellent communication and great packaging. Thank you again!!! :D
    5. Sold a Lati Sheep Lumi to saioa_bilbo. She a great to deal with^^ ♥
    6. I just purchased two faceplates from saioa_bilbo - they arrived super-fast, beautifully and carefully packaged, and were exactly as described! I had given up hope of ever finding them, and I'm so pleased to have them now - thank you so much! Perfect transaction in every way. :)
    7. I purchased a zuzu delf lio (marine boy) from Saioa, she was great to deal with! My lion came in perfect shape, very quick and she was extremely responsive and pleasant to deal with.
      Thank you so much again, Saioa! :D
    8. I purchased Heliot’s bow and arrow 40$ from saioa_bilbo. She was very nice to communicate. The items arrived saftly as discribed. Thank you very much :)
    9. I recently bought a Heliot R head for a few months layaway. Everything was great, communication was nice. She passionately wait for my payments. Although the had some personal problems, she managed to ship my hooves, and packed extracarefully. Thank you! <33333
    10. I just adopted a Mui Chan with four faceplates from Saioa. She is very sweet and easy to work with, and her communications are great! The doll arrived in just a week from Europe; everything was packed so nicely!

      I would definitely buy from her again!!:)
    11. I bought a Volks Yo-SD White Rabbit SWD full set from saioa_bilbo, and he was just as she described...PERFECT! :love Saioa also surprised me by including several pairs of Yo-SD sized shoes, some additional clothing, and a silcone wig cap. We enjoyed nice communication and I recommend her as a seller. Thanks again Saioa! :D

      Juli DC :)
    12. I purchased a Real Puki Soso (sleeping faceplait) from Saioa, she was great to deal with! My Soso came safely, in perfect condition, very quick and Saioa was very helpfull, responsive and pleasant to deal with.
      Thank you! :whitetruffle
    13. I bought a Mui-Chan faceplate from saioa_bilbo, and it arrived quicly in a lovely safe package, even with some surprise extras! I would happily deal with her again any time. My best recommends and big thanks! :)
    14. I bought a MSD Fer from her. Good communication, very fast shipping. A perfect deal. Recommended!.
      Thanks for all.
    15. Bought a Volks Dollfie Dream sword from Saioa_bilbo and the she was wonderful to deal with. Communication was very polite and I'm more than thrilled to finally have this sword!
    16. Bought a wonderful pair of shoes from Saioa_bilbo. The transaction went smoothly. She was very friendly and shipped quickly. Great seller.
    17. I purchased a dollheart outfit from saioa_bilbo. She was very nice to communicate. The items arrived as described. Thank you very much :)
    18. Bought a Lalatroop hat from her. Took a while to arrive, but reached here in good condition. Thanks!