Feedback for Sakhmet

Feb 9, 2020


      The link for my original feedback thread can be accessed above. Crou and I have had a falling out after many years of friendship due to life circumstances, so it is high time that I create my own personal feedback thread as the original thread was begun by her.

      Unfortunate, but life marches on! Until this feedback thread begins to populate with current feedback I will leave the link at the top for all interested parties.
    2. I had a *marvelous* transaction with @Sakhmet !
      I sold a not-pristine Volks Unoss Seina to @Sakhmet on a layaway. She was
      a *delight* to work with on this transaction. Lovely chats and always prompt
      replies to questions. She sent all layaway payments promptly.
      *AND* she let me know when the box safely arrived too. Thanks for giving
      Seina a new home - and - *THANKS * for a brilliant transaction!!! :)
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    3. Thanks so much Sakhmet for a wonderful transaction! I sold an iplehouse ebony Rexy to her. Communication was clear, quick, and friendly. I enjoyed chatting, and I really hope you have fun restoring this special girl! Thanks again!
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    4. I bought a pair of Pipos WS ears from Sakhmet, and the transaction was wonderful! Ears were shipped immediately after receiving payment, and they arrived very well packaged, safe and sound. Would definitely love to do future business with them. <3 Thank you very much!
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    5. I bought a Soom Sov from @Sakhmet and the transaction was fabulous. Shipping was fast and extremely well-protected. Would definitely do future business with her!
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    6. Purchased a Soom partial fullset from Sakhmet and the transaction went flawlessly :D. Sakhmet was even willing to hold it for a few days while I sorted out a problem with my PayPal which is above and beyond what any seller is expected to do:aheartbea I would not hesitate to buy from them again in the future:sumomo:
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    7. ☆☆ SUPER POSITIVE!! ☆☆:3nodding:
      I went to the Marketplace looking for 1 size 7-8 white fur wig, which I found immediately with Sakhmet. Then I decided to check what other wigs Sakhmet was selling and I found 6 more that, based on Sakhmet's photos, were appealing in their unusual styles and colors ... So, the boxful of wigs arrived today, which was fast, and I'm happy with my choices. They were so nicely packed, each wig cap stuffed with tissue paper, each wig in a plastic zipper bag, all of them in very good condition. :love Sakhmet made the transaction easy, and shipped very efficiently. Thank you, Sakhmet!
    8. a super awesome transaction!! i responded to their marketplace listing for an SD Ariadoll body, looking for a match for a yellowed head. they responded in a timely manner, took plenty of pictures, and even included a comparison photo of the body in differing lighting with a white paper so i could gauge how well of a match it was before i bought her. She was packed really well, and in my opinion looks even better in person than in the pictures, and the body looked super pretty in the pics!

      Anyway, thank you again for this transaction, and I hope to do business with you again in the future! :3nodding:
    9. I bought from Sakhmet unknown black boots, yosd Nezumeitoo skull and cross bones set and Nezumeitoo skull sleeve top she was super great to deal with very friendly and quick to answer messages I totally recommend her as an excellent seller. The items arrived safe and sound and in great condition without any problems.
      10/10 superb service, thank you very much :)
    10. Forgot to leave feedback I bought my Room Vesuvia body from Sakhmet and they are wonderful to deal with. When I popped a finger of while unpacking (totally my fault!) they were kind enough to give me ideas to fix it. Just a great transaction. Thank you.
    11. I joined Sakhmet's split for a tawny basic Shoshon head. A super communicative seller. I was given updates throughout the whole split transaction (layaway, shipment and provided photos of the head). Sakhmet is really a great split host. Highly recommended split host/seller! :thumbup Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    12. ☆☆♡SUPER POSITIVE !!♡☆☆
      I bought a pair of Luts boots from Sakhmet, who was very gracious & helpful to deal with. Sakhmet was efficient, shipping the boots quickly & safely, and they arrived in a week. I am very happy with my purchase; although vintage they look new, and they fit my doll very well.
      Thank you, Sakhmet!:3nodding:
    13. I bought a Dollmore red wig from @Sakhmet. Communication was swift and friendly. The wig arrived quickly, well-packed and as described. Overall, a very smooth transaction. I’d happily do business with Sakhmet again. Highly recommended.