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Feedback for Sakura02

Oct 27, 2009

    1. Feedback thread *^.^*
    2. I bought a pair of MSD hands from Sakura02 and she was a delight to do business with. She followed through with everything agreed upon and is prompt and friendly in her communication.

      Thanks again for such a smooth transaction! Hope to do business with you again sometime!
    3. I sold a Saka DZ head to Sakura02. Great communication and let me know it arrived, a great buyer thank you!
    4. Sakura02 Sold me 2 beautiful wigs. I like them ^^ good communication she is a good seller ^^

      Thanks Sakura02
    5. Sakura02 bought a pair of eyes from me. Everything went so smoothly - communication was fantastic, payment was prompt, and she let me know when they arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again :)
    6. Sakura02 bought my domuya body from me and she was very kind! She paid really fast and due to my work, I could only ship the body on weekends. She was really kind to wait for me to ship it and everything went smoothly! I'm glad the body arrived safely <3

      Thank you!