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Feedback For Sameyu~

Apr 1, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Sameyu, so I decided to start one for her. :) If you have had transactions with Sameyu, please leave feedback here.


      Sameyu recently participated in my Dollmore group order and was a pleasure to deal with. She paid quickly and was very easy to work with. I'd definitely work with her again.

      Thank you for participating in the group order!

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    2. I bought a pair of hands from Sameyu, and she was really helpful, with very quick shipping. I would definitely buy from again. :)
      Thank you!
    3. Sameyu purchased some glass eyes from me. Payment was very quick, and communication was good. Thank you for a great transaction! :)
    4. Sameyu bought some handcuffs from me. She paid promptly and was very easy to communicate with ^___^
    5. I ran another Dollmore group order that Sameyu was a participant in and as expected, dealing with her was very easy. She paid promptly and kept up communication which never goes unappreciated.

      Thank you, again, for being such a wonderful participant! :D

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    6. I sold an SD necklace to Sameyu. Overall the transaction was smooth and the payment quick.

      Thanks! ♥
    7. I recently bought a Delf El from Sameyu. <3
      The transaction was great, she was very polite, communication was great, and shipping was FAST. Packaging was great as well, there was so much bubble wrap that a dent in the box from shipping didn't effect the doll in the slightest. :XD: Thank you so much, I will take good care of him. :)
    8. [SIZE="-10"]Sameyu was a participant in my latest Dollmore group order and everything went wonderfully, which wasn't surprising in the least. As always, payments were prompt, good communication was kept and she was very understanding and patient when Dollmore excluded some items from the shipment. It really goes without saying that I would not mind having her in another one of my orders.

      :clover Thank you so much for always being such a wonderful participant. `Tis much appreciated! :clover
    9. i recently completed a basic seam-sanding commission, with some minor mods including a hand-repositioning, for Sameyu. communication was clear and prompt and she was always ready and able to clarify when i had questions that needed answering before proceeding.

      i would gladly work with Sameyu again.

      thanks again, Sameyu!
    10. Sameyu bought a doll from me...and frankly she was amazing. I would GLADLY work with her again!
    11. hello,
      I bought a doc body from Sameyu.
      she answer my lot of question. the body is in perfect condition.
      she is amazing.
    12. Sameyu purchased a paintbrush from me. It was a great transaction! Quick payment, excellent communication, and let me know she received her package - you just couldn't ask for more! Thank you, again. :thumbup
    13. I bought a Crobidoll Lance head from Sameyu and the transaction was overall a pleasant one. She answered all my questions promptly and shipped the head quickly. I highly recommend her (^w^)!
    14. Sameyu bought 2 pairs of shoes from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment came quickly. Thanks for a pleasant and smooth transaction.
    15. I bought the default Ryu outfit from this seller, and it arrived just as described. Great transaction. Thanks!
    16. I brought a Doll from her, Communications where clear and shipping was exactly how I wanted.
      would defiantly buy from again.
    17. Sameyu bought an even head from me and everything went smoothly. She is very sweet, and I would definitely deal with her again in a heartbeat. <3
    18. I bought a Lance head from Sameyu. Good communication and smooth transaction. Very friendly.
      I'd be happy deal with her again in the future.
    19. Bought a dreaming doll body from Sameyu. She's very frienly and give all the information in details:). Great packaging and good communication. I'm really happy with the transaction. Thank you!
    20. I bought some spare DoC leg parts from Sameyu. Great communication and really fast shipping. I'd be happy to buy things from her again.