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Feedback for sammysoblue

Sep 16, 2006

    1. (I didn't see a thread, so I'm starting one!)

      Please post your transaction feedback with sammysoblue here! :D


      I sold a wig to sammysoblue, and the transaction went perfectly. She's a great buyer!
    2. I sold to her my SD13 girl body. All went perfect! She is a great buyer, very kind!! :D
    3. sammysoblue just bought a kimono set from me, and it was a pleasure to deal with her! She paid just when she said she would, and kept up great communication all the way through. :daisy
    4. Hi! Leave feedback for me here! Um. It's about time I opened one of these, right?
    5. Wonderful seller. Doll arrived in one piece with all items and in perfect condition!
    6. I'd say so!

      I had a great transaction with sammysoblue! Bought a pair of EL hands - they came in good time and in great condition :) would definatly recomment this seller.
    7. Sold some boots to Sammysoblue, fast payment, very friendly and fast communcation! Thank you :daisy
    8. It was wonderful to trade with you!
      Very fast payment, always fast messsage and so nice~!
    9. I recently purchased a Domuya NS female flexi body from Sammysoblue and I couldn't be happier with how this transaction went! The communication was excellent and the body was shipped out very quickly. I can't thank her enough!
    10. Hi, I sold some SD13 girl slacks to Sammy. Everything went great - would glady do business with her again any time!

      Nancy Maya
    11. Commissioned an outfit for Sammysoblue. Thank you for being patient and understanding about the problems I'd been facing. I'm terribly sorry for the wrong colors and the delay though. >_<
    12. I Bought My sunako (ar dana) From sammysoblue. While a decent transaction shipping it out was a little slow. Otherwise everything was fine.
    13. Sold an outfit to Sammysoblue.She was a very courteous and friendly buyer and paid very fast , and let me know as soon as her item had arrived safely. Would be very happy to do business again!

      Myrtle in ca
    14. I am a complete moron when it comes to postage and shipping in selling. From now on, my roommate Vaith (who is wonderful and on the ball) will be taking care of things. Sorry for all those people who had to deal with my slowness!
    15. I also had a very smooth and pleasant transaction with Sammysoblue.

      I bought a minifee shiwoo modded head with face-up and I could'nt be more pleased.
      The head is exactly as she described, was extremely well packaged, and promptly shipped.

      Thanks so much! I could'nt be more pleased.
    16. I had a great transaction with sammysoblue in regards to an open eyed MNF Shiwoo head.

      The head had a beautiful faceup and came to me in perfect condition wrapped in lots of bubblewrap and a headmask.

      Great, great communication - was extremely helpful in answering a lot of related questions - and shipped very promptly. In fact, I was notified of the shipping on Friday and I believe I got the item the following... Monday? Might actually have been sooner, like Saturday, because I recall being very surprised at the speed that the package arrived.

      Thank you so much! I've been wanting a MNF Shiwoo for my own and I'm on my way to getting my boy, thanks to you!
    17. I just bought a mnf soo head from Sammy and I am very happy! It is in perfect condition and was really well packaged.
      Thanks heaps!;)
    18. [SIZE="-10"]Sammysoblue was a participant in my first ForMyDoll group order and everything went well. Payments were made in a timely fashion, communication was great and it was a pleasure to have her in my group order. I really appreciate it!!

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a great participant!! :clover
    19. Sold a customized handmade furwig to sammysoblue. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v