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Feedback for Sanctioned

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Starting a feedback thread for myself! :) Please leave your feedback for me.
    2. Sanctioned - bought some glas eyes from me !
      The communication was awesome, paid quick.
      I totally recommend as a buyer! Thanks again !!!! :D
    3. Sanctioned commissioned me in my Irezumi Tattoo Studio
      The communication was good :) I recommend her as a "buyer"
      Thank you again for choosing my Studio :)
    4. I purchased a dress from Sanctioned that she had sewn. She helped me with the measurements of my irregular sized doll and it ended up fitting perfectly on the doll! The craftsmanship is also lovely.
      Thank you so much~
    5. Sanctioned commissioned a slim mini kimono from me. She was so sweet throughout the entire transaction and though communication was a little slow, every word was nice and friendly. She paid super fast and let me know when it arrived safely home.

      Thank you so much! I would love to do business again<3

      A++++++ Buyer//Commissioner and all around person
    6. Sanctioned bought a Fairyland Feeple Rona outfit from me on layaway, after I replied to her WTB thread. She was a total sweetie, and I'd be more than happy to do business with her again, anytime! :D
    7. Sanctioned participated in my Leeke GO, and also bought a couple MSD items from me...every single transaction was flawless! Communication was excellent, and payment was always made swiftly. Definitely a pleasure to work with :)
    8. Sanctioned joined a group order for the David Draiman Mnmee head that me and a few others ordered. At first, everything went well, but then, AFTER we had ordered it, the excuses started. First, it was tha it was too close to christmas. Then, it was other issues, including that she didn't want to put this on a card. I understand issues, but dropping out after the order was placed left myself, and everyone else in the order forced to decide wether to pay more for the head, or having to contact DIM, and cancel it altogether. This is why i'm leaving Flaky Feedback for Sanctioned, regarding her methods when dealing with a MNMee order. I don't know all of her circumstances, but i do know that this affected all of us, and forced us to decide what we are going to do with our order now.
    9. Allow me to elaborate on my end-

      When I first joined this GO, I was told that they were going to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, which I was fine with. However, I was a little surprised when they put the order in less two weeks later, being that there were only 4 or 5 people in the GO, and they had originally said they had wanted "as many people as possible" before they placed the order; apparently they were trying to get in on the "special" prices. Being that I was still paying off another doll, I informed them that I would not be able to make the payment until at least December. They replied saying that this was fine, and that they probably wouldn't be paying off the order for another month and a half to two months anyhow, and that we would have plenty of time to pay off the order. Being that I had also just gotten a speeding ticket that I needed to pay off before I paid for another doll, this worked out even BETTER for me.

      However, three weeks later, they asked for payment, in a rush to get it paid off.

      When I reminded them multiple times of the original agreement, they continued to pressure me into paying "as soon as I can"; when I explained to them that my plans for payment had been pushed back and why, they were not understanding, and continued to demand payment within the next 2 weeks, so that we could get in on the "special" prices. I ended up getting so frustrated that I PM'ed them and told them that I was dropping out because they were being too pushy, and I simply could not deliver on what he was expecting out of me. When they finally logged on a few days later and got the message, instead of reading my FLAWLESS feedback on both Ebay and DOA and giving me the benefit of the doubt, they came to this feedback thread and left flaky feedback for me, stating that they "Didn't know all of my circumstances", which is a lie (you can see for yourself [ here ] on the David Draiman MNM thread that I thoroughly explained what happened), and that I was just "giving excuses". Not to mention that the order hadn't yet been paid for, they hadn't started sculpting, AND the total could have been EASILY changed with an email to the company...

      All in all, I wouldn't have had to drop out had this order not been rushed the way it was. We were both at fault for this mishap, and I have at least apologized for that. It wasn't my intention to cause anyone anger or frustration, such in the way he has been portraying to everyone else. I think we all can agree that sometimes life happens, and committments can't always be honored when circumstances beyond your control intervene. It is unfortunate, but true.
    10. I participated in a doll split with Sanctioned, she was polite and communicative! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. :)
    11. Sanctioned joined a split with me. She had great communication and paid the invoice immediately. Thanks! : )
    12. Sanctioned commissioned me for a face-up on her 2 girls and she is super amazing to work with!!! Her Eva was the first and she was so lovely. She let me know when she got home safe and sound and even gave me lovely photos!!! Thanks so much!!!
      I am off to work on her Feeple65 Chloe now<3
    13. I purchased a Minifee Juri 2010 head from Sanctioned. She was wonderful to deal with, communication was quick, and she let me know once it was shipped out. All in all it was a very smooth transaction and I'd definitely do business with her again.
    14. I purchased Iplehouse SID body from Sanctioned.
      She paid off the body super fast! I'm very pleased a perfect transaction.
      Thank you very much!))
    15. Sanctioned and I did a split for a SID girl which she ran. Everything went wonderfully from the begining to the end. She always communicated, replied to all of my PMs, was always friendly and on top of things. She shipped my head out fast as soon as it came in from iplehouse and was packaged amazingly. I would love to work with her again and I highly reccomend her!
    16. Purchased gray eyes from Sactioned. Smooth and quick transaction. Wonderful seller and great communication. Would love to do business with again! Thank you :D
    17. I purchased a Ringdoll from Sanctioned and the transaction went smooth. She was packaged professionally and with obvious care resulting in safe transport to my location. Good transaction.
    18. Sanctioned bought some eyes from me and it was a great transaction :) fast payment, great communication, highly recommended :) Thank you!
    19. I bought some green acrylic eyes from Sanctioned. They arrived extra fast and were really beautiful! Great communication and great transaction. Excellent seller! Thank you very much! :)