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Feedback for Santinian

Feb 6, 2010

    1. I'm not sure if I need a feedback thread even though I've only bought items and joined group orders. But here it is anyway.
    2. Santinian bought custom eyes from me and she was a pleasure to work with! Fast payment, friendly and she even sent photos. A very positive transaction! Thank you very much :)
    3. I sold a pairs of slippers to Santinian and everything went perfectly! She's wonderful to deal with and I would gladly do so again~
    4. Santinian bought a pair of Masterpiece eyes from me. Her payment was really fast and she was very nice to deal with! Thanks!!! :D
    5. Santinian was in my Luts GO. she was very friendly and paid fast as well.

      Thanks a lot, and hope to see you around in another GO sometime ^^
    6. Bought a LoongSoul XuYao head from Santinian. Everything went ultra fast and smooth! No problems what so ever. <3
    7. Santinian joined my IOS GO. She was an ideal participant and I can't ask for a better one!
      The communication was great and the payment was made promptly :)
      Thank you so much for a great transaction and I hope you're happy with your new bjd family <3
    8. I sold some Soom clothing to Santinian. :) Great, prompt communication, quick payment, an all around wonderfully smooth transaction. Would definitely recommend, thank you again!
    9. Saninian bought a pair of faerie wings from me - she was quick to pay and a delight to communicate with. I'd do business with her again any day!!!
    10. Santinian - sorry about the typo, wouldn't let me correct it :(
    11. Sorry it took so long to leave this, please forgive me!

      Santinian participated in my Luts GO awhile back, things couldn't have gone better. :) Polite, friendly, and quick to respond, I wouldn't hesitate to let her join in the future<3

      Thanks for participating! :D
    12. Santinian bought a shirt from me. Fast payment and very nice to deal with. Thank you so much. ^_^
    13. I sold a POPO DOLL Nankung Yua head to Santinian,send a quickly payment and very very friendly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Thanks very much! ^0^
    14. Sold a pair of shoes to Santinian, fast payment, very smooth transaction, pleasure to deal with her.
    15. I sold a doll to Santinian and dealing with her was great; fast payment, easy comunication....
      100% highly recommended!!!!

      Thank you!!!^^
    16. I bought an IOS head from Santinian and she was awesome to deal with. Would definitely do business with again.

    17. Santinian was in my Solomon GO.
      The whole transaction went great and smoothly. She paid quickly and waited patiently.
      A+ people to deal with!

      Thank you !
    18. Santinian was a member of my Soom GO. She paid her invoices promptly and was patient when I took a few extra days to ship packages out due to my work hours. Definitely a great GO member. :)
      Thanks Santinian!
    19. Eek! I can't believe I haven't posted feedback!

      Santinian commissioned me to be a 'go-between' for her and her friend. She bought a doll and had it sent to me for fixing up and customizing. When I finished I mailed that and some accessories Santinian had purchased and had sent to me to her friend in another country.
      Communication was great, she paid quickly and was really fun to talk to. I enjoyed working for her and appreciated her patience when I wasn't as quick as I should be. I'd happily work for her again so this is a five star feedback :)
      Thanks muchly!
    20. Santianian was a participant in my Happy Camille GO, was a perfect transaction, fast payment and patient with the long wait from HC!! Thank you so much!!! :)