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Feedback for Sanumi

Mar 11, 2012

    1. My feedback thread, feel free to post here~ thanks! =)
    2. I bought a Sanumi SuperGem body.
      She was very friendly and made ​​the shipment very quickly. The box was packed very well.
      I recommend Sanumi as a very good seller. Thank you :)
    3. Sanumi and I did a partial trade: she got my modded Volks YoSD Mamu, I got her Volks WS FCS22 head with custom face-up plush cash. She kept up great communication throughout the transaction, keeping me updated with her payments and face-up progress. She shipped on the same day as I did as we agreed. The head arrived to me as planned with no problems and beautiful face-up.

      I would do business with Sanumi again, which is saying a lot, as I do not like international deals. Thank you so much!