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Feedback for sashimi

May 17, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for me if we've done business. Thank you. :apresent:
    2. I sold a Yo-SD blonde wig to sashimi.

      Sashimi paid super quick and had great communication!
      Would do business with again!

      Thank you.
    3. Sashimi purchased a pair of eyes from me and it was a lovely transaction. She paid quickly and let me know when they arrived. Would gladly do business with her again.
    4. sashimi bought a pair of golden glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and was very friendly to deal with. Thank you :D
    5. sold a pair of shorts to Sashimi, she was great to deal with.
    6. I sold my Kid Delf Bory to Sashimi, and she was a treat to deal with:D She's prompt with response and paid very quickly, overall the transaction went perfectly smooth, would love to do business with her again in the future:whee:
    7. Great transaction with sashimi who purchased some shoes from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    8. sashimi bought a pair of shoes from me. she paid quickly, all went well. thanks so much!! (:
    9. Sashimi bought an msd tshirt from me. Quick payment and great communication. Thanks! :)
    10. sashimi and I traded dolls. She was fabulous start to finish. Her communications were always prompt and personable. Her description of the condition of her dolls was thorough and exact. Packing was great and shipping was timely. As I answered her trade and proposed not quite the doll she'd requested, I offered to send on spec. She agreed, happily fell in love and completed her end of the trade. I know most of us worry about whether the other end of our trades will go well ... I'd trust sashimi any day of the week. All members should be so responsible, and all trades should be so satisfying!

      I'm thrilled. Thanks, hon! :aheartbea
    11. sashimi ordered a custom hoodie from me and was just wonderful to work with! She let me know when her hoodie arrive & was just overall very friendly! Thanks again! :)
    12. Sashimi have commissioned me to do her boy's faceup.
      She has been wonderful to work with and would highly recommend her~!
      Thank you for using my services~!
    13. i sold sashimi a sailor set.
      she paid fast and let me know when the set reached her.

      she's a nice person to do business with :)
    14. I bought a wig from Sashimi. It arrived quickly and is pretty cool!! Thanks!
    15. Sorry for the delayed feedback! I bought a pair of shorts from sashimi. The transaction went just fine. ^_^ Would recommend as a seller.
    16. sashimi purchased a L-bi faceplate from me.
      Our transaction was great and she paid the faceplate off in a timely manner (even quicker than she had anticipated).
      She kept great communication and was very friendly to work with.
      Hope you enjoy your faceplate! Thanks! :)
    17. I bought a MSD hat from sashimi, and when it went astray in the mail she replaced it as soon as she could, even though she was moving house at the time. I really appreciate her taking care of the loss as such a stressful time (and Ameko loves the hat).
    18. Bought a Unoa B-el faceplate from sashimi. GREAT transaction and wonderful seller! Thank you so much!
    19. Purchased an msd sweater from sashimi. Communication was prompt, courteous and shipping was quick.

      Great seller!
    20. I sold a Dollshe Rosen to sashimi and could not be happier with the whole transcation. Sashimi was super kind at all times and sent her payment with light speed. She immediately let me know when he arrived with her and I can only recommend her as a buyer to any other member of the denofangels. Thank you again, dear sashimi for giving the Rosen a loving home and for being such a reliable, honest and kind person. <3