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Feedback for sat!

May 13, 2006

    1. Sat is great! Don't hesitate to do business with her, she's always very helpful and quick at shipping. :)
      Please leave feedback for this super DoA-er
    2. Everything went smoothly, excellent communication, I had a great group order experience.
    3. Thank you to sat for doing this group order! She did a great job and everything arrived very quickly!

    4. sat is awesome -- she kept us up to date on everything happening with the group order and everything arrived quickly and well-packed. :) Thanks sat!
    5. I just purchased an AR body from sat. She kept communication open thru the whole process and shipping was super fast!! I am very happy! :)
    6. easy to communicate with her, and i had no problems at all. ^_^ my items arrived in perfect condition!
    7. Sat is a delight to work with. She is efficient and has great communication.
    8. Sat did a wonderful job organizing the Leekeworld grouporder! She kept us perfectly up to date, and was extremely helpful. I'll be happy to work with her again given the chance.
    9. Yay, sat! Great Leekeworld order; hugs and kisses for you!!
    10. :) Sat is great recieved my shoes from the Leeke group order.Great communication and arrived really quick, and I am from the UK.Would not hesitate do deal with again.Many thanks:sumomo:
    11. Professional and easy to speak with. Very efficiently run group order. She always communicated promptly with us and I received my items in excellent condition.
    12. sat is a peach! <3 She provided excellent communication and I received my items from the Leeke group order quickly.
    13. Sat is awsome!! ^^ I participated in one of her group orders and everything wen t very well and I got my wigs really quickly! Thankyou!! ^^ :sumomo:
    14. My shoes came in today to conclude a very smooth group transaction ran by sat. Highly recommended! :sumomo:
    15. Sat is brilliant and is part of the Newbie Pack team, she works hard and is very level headed taking all points into consideration.
    16. As many others have said, sat did a wonderful job organizing the Leeke group order. Lovely and polite person to deal with.
    17. Nothing I can say that hasn't been said! *thumbs up!*
    18. sat is a WONDERFUL person to deal with. I highly reccomend her to anyone looking to do group orders or any orders for that matter!!

      she's #1 in my book!
    19. Very easy to deal with. My order had problems with vendor and she was right on top of things and kept me informed as to the status.
    20. I just participated in a group order run by sat - she in wonderful to work with! Very quick and efficient, and I would definately not hesitate to work with her again. ^^