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Feedback for Satirico

Mar 12, 2012

    1. Feedback thread for Satirico!

      Thank you for leaving feedback here, I'll do the same for you! :)
    2. I commissioned Satirico for a drawing based on a few pictures of my doll. I love the drawing, it's exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much again. :)
    3. Satirico is a good seller.

      I bought a SD sweater.
      Everything went well great.
      Today, the personal information transfer is completed.
      He is a great, nice seller.
      The sweater, is excellent quality.

    4. I've bought a handmade YoSD outfit (dress+cape) from Satirico.:D Perfect communication, easy to deal with. I'm really satisfied with the dress' condition too! Thank you!
    5. I've bought an pink night dress from Satirico, communication and delivery was prompt.
      Would love to do business with again, thank you~!
    6. I had a wonderful commission with satiric
      I will happily work with again :)
    7. Sold an Epidos human head to Satirico. Perfect transaction.
      Excellent communication, quick payment, and super friendly!
      Would definitely do business with again. <3
    8. I bought clothings and outfits several times from Satirico and every time it was a great transaction! She was fast to response, she sent the orders really fast every time. The outfits were REALLY well made, high quality material and they don't even look hand made at all! I would recommend her to anyone and I will buy from her again :P thank you for everything <3
    9. ~Positive~
      I purchased some SD clothing from Satirico. She was super friendly in PM and when one of the sets sold out she custom made one just for me! I am so impressed with the quality of her work and how cute her designs are! Shipping was fast and professional.
      I will definitely buy from her again.
      Thank you Satirico!! :aheartbea
    10. I purchased some SD clothing from Satrico, and both my transactions were wonderful. She was extremely friendly and completely willing to make me two custom orders. All the items purchased are great quality and I will deal with her again! <3
    11. Lovely Transaction with Satrico.Commissioned her for some art work and she did a great job so happy! Thank you and would love to work with you again :)
    12. I bought a captain America hoodie from Satirico and it couldn't have gone better! Great seller, definitely recommend.
    13. I bought a shirt and pants from Satirico. Everything went well, and I'm very satisfied with the things I got! :aheartbea I love them! Thank you! ^.^
    14. I commissioned THREE CHIBIS from Satirico's Ph&#1060;&#949;&#1048;i&#1008;'s Artshop. They were absolutely fantastic! I'd highly recommend!!!! :D :D :D
    15. Satirico ordered a fur wig from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    16. I bought three shirts from Satirico, perfectly made, great quality too! Love it, would buy again! :D
    17. I bought a IS Minos from Satirico. Communication was really good and the shipping fast. Thank you again for this cool boy. ^^
    18. I bought a soom teenie gem dress, made by heself, which a little customize accessory i requested and it's so sweet and great and gorgeous and beautifull! Shipping was faster than the method normally needs *lucky me* and communication was perfect, fast and lovely. I'm so glad i bought it and i will definetly buy someday again from her ^0^
    19. I bought a handmade outfit from her, with a cute necklace and it looks just gorgeous~
      It's really well made and I'm completely satisfied. Very nice contact and everything went perfectly fine. :'3
      Definitely looking forward to buying from her again, if something catches my eye~
    20. Again i bought a soom teenie gem dress, made by herself, which a little customize accessory i requested. It's perfect like the last one! So Satirico is too! ^o^