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Feedback for Satohai

Jul 23, 2009

    1. Riversofblood asked if I had a feed back and although I have only sold once, I've bought a couple of things off here so i figured I should make one..

      So yah...
    2. I had a good transaction with Satohai! She had friendly communication and kept in contact with me. I would definitely do business with her again! :)
    3. Sold 2 customized handmade furwigs and a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to SatoHai. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick PMs and payment came in as promised. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    4. bought a doll from me and was very prompt with payment and communication :) thanks so much satohai!
    5. I bought some wicker chairs for my girls from SaoHai, and now the girls are so much more comfortable! Great communication, items arrived just as pictured. Great transaction, thanks!
    6. SatoHai bought a whole bunch of clothes from me and the transaction went great! Definitely a recommended buyer!
    7. Negative Feedback ----------

      I was not going to post on this fb thread but SatoHai have been saying that I am a flaky seller over and over again so here it it.

      SatoHai contacted me on 09/18/09 saying she is interested in the Cherry boy I have for sale. said she would like a layaway plan for a month with $50 deposit asap. I said ok to this and she said she will purchase him. I provided my pp address and shipping quotes for him via priroity and parcel and prices with and without his original box. I told her she can choose shipping method when she make the last payment. This was late on the 18th and early morning on the 19th. I wait and there is no message from her or deposit as she said. On the 23rd, i pmed her saying i will relist him as she did not contact me or make a deposit on him or when she will either. She then contacted me later that night and was upset about it and say she will contact the mods because i sold her doll away. She never made a deposit for the doll for me to hold it nor tell me when she will.

      After I resold the doll she got upset and posted on my sale threads and feedback threads. the mod removed them from the sale threads already. I forwarded the pms exchanged between us and was told this is not a flaky transaction on my part as i have given her time and waited for her.

      As SatoHai fail to make a deposit as she stated and i myself waited long enough, therefore he was relisted for sale.
    8. Except for when I forwarded the messages to three moderators and they said I shoudl post flakey feedback because without any warning she resold the doll without giving me time to respond, pay anything. She said it was fine and to take my time and then sold the doll right under me.

      I have found another person to buy this same doll from, which I am glad because I had already bought eyes and wigs for this doll,. thats how much I was planning for that doll she had agreed to sell to me.

      Oh well. Their are good sellers and bad sellers. And we learn from our expiriences. I learned from this one that people will not keep their word and you need to basically state everything out and be super duper clear about everything or they'll find any loop hole and exploit it to make money.

      Oh well.
    9. I just contacted mods to get the neg feedback removed because according to forum guidelines neg feedback for buyers falls under:

      For Buyers

      • A hold that lasts more than a week before being canceled
      • A winning auction bid that has been reneged
      • A defaulted group-order participant
      • A member reserving a commission space for a specific time frame, then canceling without giving the customizer/seamstress time to find a replacement commissioner
      For Sellers

      • Seller has agreed to sell doll to a specific person and cancels sale
      • Seller has agreed to sell doll at specific price to a specific person, then sells to another specific member for a higher price
      • The sale is canceled due to the seller asking for a specific price in thread, then asking for higher payment after sale has been finalized, either due to "fees" or a counter-offer
      For the feedback for sellers, I left neg feedback for her because she canceled the sale of a doll, and without warning, after four days.
    10. The moderators of DoA cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions. Your original pms to a moderator did not fully disclose the situation and you were advised that you could leave "flakey" feedback, however, after you posted your "side" of the transaction into swan20's feedback thread, the story took on a different slant entirely. Swan20 is certainly within her rights to counter your post into her thread and to leave this feedback here.

      Please do not post anymore regarding this issue. A moderator will contact you via pm.

    11. I had a great transaction with SatoHai, she bought some eyelashes from me, paid quickly and let me now as soon as they arrived, thanks:)
    12. SatoHai bought a doll wig from me. Excellent transaction- fast payment and very good communication :) I recommend SatoHai to other buyers and sellers ^^
    13. SatoHai bought my Cherry with layaway. PM was smooth and payment was done in time. I recommend her as a good buyer! :) Thank you!
    14. SatoHai bought several pieces of clothing from me, and it was an excellent transaction. She paid promptly, and was very communicative with me. I would definitely do business with her again, and recommend her to anyone else!
    15. sold a mnf lishe boy head to Satohai, great communication & i recieved payment in a very timely manner. Recommended buyer :)
    16. SatoHai bought a couple MSD items from me. She was very prompt in PMs and payment, and let me know when it arrived.
      She's a doll to work with! :)
    17. Satohai bought my Cherry from me.
      She was very understanding and patient with me. It was a very smooth transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again. Payments were on time, there was constant communication and patience.
      Awesome buyer!
    18. SatoHai bought a mnf head from me. The payment was fast, the communication was perfect and friendly, plus she let me know when the head arrived! Such a smooth transaction! Thank you!
    19. SatoHai bought a bunch of MSD clothes from me. Communication was great and payment was timely. Thank you for the great transaction!
    20. SatoHai bought from Unoa boots ! Great communication ! Fast Payement !
      Thank you very much