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Feedback for SaturnRose

Feb 18, 2008

    1. Have I made a purchase or sold something to you, want to let me know how it went? I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do so.
    2. I won a hat and scarf set from Sabrina. The quality is amazing and it arrived very quickly. Her communication was excellent and she is a lovely person to talk to.
      She also included a little treat in the package, which of course made it all the more awesome.
      She's a lovely person to deal with. :) :aheartbea
    3. I just received my hat & scarf set from SaturnRose.
      I could not be happier with it!! The hat is simply adorable, fits perfectly, and is nice and soft! xD
      She had the hat shipped fast, and even included candy and little stickers!
      I'm very pleased with the whole transaction.
      Thank you! ^o^
    4. Saturn bought some puki clothes and shoes from me and was a pleasure to deal with!
    5. I bought a hat from SaturnRose at her Anime North 2008 marketplace table. I can't comment on shipping, but it was a pleasure to chat with her and both Kivas and I absolutely adore his hat. Thanks! Hope to see you locally again sometime!
    6. I bought a couple hat and scarf sets from SaturnRose for my dolls. I'm so impressed with how wonderfully made and professional they look. SaturnRose was also a joy to deal with--very nice, quick with communication, and she sent candy along with the hats (which my husband loved ;) ). Thank you again!
    7. I sold a wig to this fine honey, and she was so sweet to let me know when it showed.

      :3 I'd recommend her as a buyer to anyone!
    8. I commissioned a little puki hat from SaturnRose, not only was she kind and fast...but the darn thing was so well made and down right adorable! I really enjoyed it, and I would buy from her again. Thank you so much!

    9. SaturnRose bought a wig, a pair of shoes and a necktie from me. She was very friendly and easy to communciate with. Thank you so much.^^
    10. I bought a doll from SaturnRose and she was a pleasure to work with! She notified me of everything that went on in the shipping process. I'd buy from her anytime!
    11. I bought a hat and scarf set from SaturnRose. It took a bit longer than quoted, due to the busy holiday season, but they arrived safe and sound. I'm very happy with the quality, and she was even sweet enough to toss in some candy and a coupon to make up for the delay. Would deal with again :)
    12. I was in a Luts group order that SaturnRose ran. She was very friendly, shipped my stuff out quickly, and it arrived safe and sound. She even threw some cute stickers and candy in the package.

      Thanks so much, Sabrina!
    13. I bought a Migidoll Ryu head from SaturnRose. She was very friendly and pleasant to deal with. :) I would gladly deal with her again, and recommend her to other users. :thumbup
    14. After buying the MD Ryu head mentioned in my above post, I contacted SaturnRose to ask where she got the eyes she sent with him. She happened to have some similar eyes in the color I was looking for, so I bought them from her. She sent them out very quickly and they were exactly what I was looking for! I also asked her about the body she previously had the head on and she gave me very helpful advice. :) SaturnRose is a great seller, and has proved to be a kind and wonderful person to work with! :thumbup:thumbup Two thumbs up!!
    15. I purchased a KDF Mocha head from Sabrina and she was VERY helpful. She shipped the head straight to the faceup artist for me and it arrived without any problems. Awesome seller!
    16. I bought one of SaturnRose's beautiful hats. It's really nicely made and perfectly in scale, and the rest of the transaction was perfect, too. Thanks so much!
    17. I bought 2 Kelly/Puki outfits from SaturnRose and I'm very happy with them.
      They arrived quickly, in great shape and SaturnRose even added some really cute gifts with them... Communication was also really nice!
      I'm sure this won't be my last transaction with SaturnRose ^__^
    18. I recently purchased a lovely "poe" style hat from Saturn Rose. It's gorgeous! The knitting is so tiny and well in scale with the dolls, not large and cumbersome. The craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous! Not only that, it was quick arriving to.

      Thanks so much!
    19. No pictures this time, but I am a repeat offender! ^__~ Enjoyed these hats just as much as the last set I bought! These hats are so amazing and perfectly detailed, the stitches are so unbelievably in scale it's incredible. Would buy from again!
    20. I bought two of SaturnRose's adorable knit hats. I'm very happy with them, and would gladly buy from her again. Thanks for a great transaction (and sorry for the late feedback)!