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Feedback for satyrsmoon

Jan 6, 2010

    1. Hello!
      Please leave a feedback for any transactions we have. I'd really appreciate it ^__^
    2. I sold a head to satyrsmoon - her communication was fast, friendly and she paid promptly and let me know as soon as the package arrived! I'd definitely recommend her as a buyer, and thank you for a very pleasant transaction! :)
    3. Satyrsmoon bought some suede material and a doll crown from me. She paid promptly and was very pleasant. Would love to do business w/ her again!
    4. satyrsmoon purchased a Buddydoll body from me and the trasaction was smooth as silk!
    5. Sold a pair of SD-sized knives to satyrsmoon. Great transaction, she paid promptly, the whole process went smoothly, and she was patient with me while I took a little longer than usual to respond. ^^; Thank you for your patience with that little hiccup!
    6. I have just sold a Dream of Doll Lahoo to Satyrsmoon. She was a wonderful communicator, and she paid her layaway off promptly and fully, always confirming each payment with me so that there was no chance for any confusion. She answered my questions about her shipping preferences and was kind enough to let me know the moment Lahoo arrived safely on her doorstep. Honestly, I couldn't wish for a smoother or more pleasant transaction. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
    7. Satyrsmoon bought a doll head from me^^

      She asks her questions clearly and was easy to communicate with^^ She paid swiftly and contacted me as soon as the parcel had arrived :) The overall transaction was very smooth, although the malaysian post gave us both a scare when the tracking number refused to track online =3=

      Thank you Satyrsmoon! I hope to deal with you again in the future <3
    8. Bought some doll clothes from me.
      Friendly buyer. Very quick payment and it was a smooth transaction.
      Contacted me as soon as she received the package.
      Hope to deal with you again in the future, Satyrsmoon. :D
    9. I bought a Buddydoll body on short layaway from satyrsmoon. Friendly seller, and very smooth transaction. :)

      Thanks again!
    10. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to satyrsmoon. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    11. Sold a wig to satyrsmoon; fantastic buyer! Prompt payment, friendly communication, would gladly deal with again!
    12. Satyrsmoon was a participant in my tenth Luts group order and the transaction was a perfect one from beginning to end. Communication from her end was well kept and invoices were paid promptly. Smooth and pleasant, I would not hesitate to work with her again and recommend her as well~

      :aheartbea Thank you for participating in this group order!! :aheartbea
    13. Satyrsmoon purchased a DOT Sha Wig from me. She was great with communication, very friendly and paid quickly. Awesome transaction! And I'd gladly to business with her again. ^__^ Thanks! <3
    14. Satyrsmoon participated in my Dollmore GO. Communication was perfect, and all of her payments were prompt. I would recommend her to anyone!

      Thanks again!
    15. Satyr participated in both my Leekeworld and Dollmore GOs. She was absolutely fantastic with payment and communication, and waited very patiently as I held her order to combine shipping for her! I would LOVE to do business with her again!

      Thanks! <3
    16. Satyrsmoon bought an outfit and a wig from me. She was patient as I figured out the best shipping option and she was always prompt and polite with pms. Payment was quick and she was sure to inform me when the items arrived.
      A highly recommended buyer!
    17. satyrsmoon bought a Dolkot Glamor girl Lucifer from my For Sale listing on the MP. Communication was fantastic, and she was super patient as I figured out shipping to Canada and let me know as soon as the doll arrived (just moments ago!) This was the first doll I have sold on the MP and I couldn't have asked for a better buyer. Even more so, I'm glad that she received the doll and truly loved her as much as I once did!

      Thank you so much!!
    18. Satyrsmoon purchased two 70cm boy outfits from me. She kept excellent communication and paid promptly! She was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire transaction and I would love to do business again! Highly recommended!
    19. satyrsmoon participated in the Tata's Paradise GO that I ran recently and was a pleasure to work with! Communication was always friendly and quick and payment of invoices was prompt! I highly recommend her! Thank you!
    20. satyrsmoon bought a Volks Kips and a Volks Repair set from me - very friendly pm's and super prompt
      payment. AND even let me know when the package safely arrived!!!
      Lovely friendly transaction!
      THANK YOU!!