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Feedback for Sayrannah

Jan 16, 2008

    1. Even though she lives all the way in Australia she got the item I sold her in record time. Faster then stuff I ship to UK. She bought my Shiwoo Elf head and paid fast and was super nice to deal with. I am surprised she has no feedback before now but so happy I was able to do this transaction with her. Great person to deal with. MK
    2. I sold a pair of hands to Sayrannah, she's a fantastic buyer. Communication was great and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again ^^
    3. Sayrannah commissioned a faceup by me, and was wonderful to deal with in all aspects. A great pleasure to do business with! <3
    4. Sayrannah participated in a eluts order I ran a while back. She paid quickly and communication was excellent. She was lovely to do business with, and I won't hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    5. Bought a dress from Sayrannah. Excellent communication, very friendly, and shipped fast. :D Would do business again!
    6. Sayrannah was a participant in my Fairyland group order and everything went wonderfully well. She's so friendly and paid promptly. She also kept up well with communication on her end which I really appreciate. She was the first person that I ever shipped to in Australia and I was amazed by how quickly she received her head!! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :)

      :clover Thank you for being such a wonderful participant. :clover
    7. Sayrannah commissioned me for face ups and she was great to do business with! Organised, super nice and excellent communication. Would love to work with her again! ^o^
    8. Sayrannah commissioned me for a faceup :) she was very friendly with excellent communication :) a pleasure to do business with.
    9. Sayrannah purchased Glati's wings from me. Communications was wonderful, friendly and a pleasure. Payment was prompt.
      Thank you!
    10. Sayrannah purchased Glati's LE clothes from me. Communications was wonderful, friendly and a pleasure. Payment was prompt.
      Thank you!
    11. I sold a wig to Sayrannah and she just PMed to tell me she got it! She payed promptly and was patient with my short shipping delay :D
    12. Sayrannah participated in my Soom Ai split. Great communication and prompt payments. It was lovely working with her. Thank you so much! :)
    13. Bought some rose sprite legs from me, they arrives very fast ^^

      she paid promptly and was amazing to deal with!!

      thank you <3
    14. I sold Sayrannah my Soom NS Onyx on layaway. She was amazing with communication and even paid off the doll ahead of schedule. Overall, a very friendly and understanding buyer. Thank you so much! :D
    15. Sayrannah bought a hoodie from me. Everything went well and she let me know when it arrived. Would gladly do business with her again. ^^
    16. Sayrannah was an Excellent buyer with great communication. She bought an Iplehouse western dexter hat from me, I would gladly do business with again. Cheers!