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Feedback For Sbck

Oct 24, 2008

    1. So long overdue :sweat
      Please post feedback about any transactions we've had.
      Thank you
    2. SBCK commissioned a faceup for her Yori. The comminication was friendly and clear, payment was swift and she confirmed once her Yori arrived home. A Flawless transaction and I couldn't be more pleased.

      Thank you again SBCK. :)

    3. SBCK traded Volks doll heads with me. she was very nice, informative, prompt, and honest. I highly recommend trading or buying/selling with her. Thank you! ^_^
    4. I bought a gumdrops eyes form SBCK, it's a perfect transaction^^. She was very nice, perfect communication, she sent out very quickly. I recommend her^^. Thanks again :).
    5. Excellent transaction, fast shipping & very happy with head - Kathleen
    6. I traded for SBCK's Yo-SD Nana and she arrived quickly and in perfect condition. She was a dream to deal with and I'm absolutely delighted!!
    7. sbck ordered dollflower eyes through me.
      She was nice and did great transaction!
      Thank you. ^^
    8. I bought my supia sena off of sbck. The transaction ran smoothly! Very very happy!
    9. I bought Ante from sbck. It was a perfect transaction and in perfect condition.
      I highly recommend her!

      Thank you very much!
    10. sbck sent me a PM on February 14, saying that she wanted to buy a Sadol dress in my sales thread, and promising to pay "tomorrow" because she was going out for the night. I sent a return PM agreeing to the sale, and I marked the dress "sale pending" in my thread. (By the way, I had noted clearly in my FS thread that I do not hold items, and that text is still right there in the thread.)

      No payment or follow-up message came from sbck; I sent a PM on the evening of the 15th to ask sbck whether she had changed her mind, but she didn't reply. On the evening of the 16th, I sent sbck another PM with a read receipt to say that if I didn't hear from her by the evening of the 17th, I would sell the dress to another DoA member who had PMmed me about buying it. This evening (the 17th), with no reply and with the read receipt still unconfirmed, I sold the dress to the second member. According to her profile, sbck was on DoA at 3:28 p.m. today, the 17th.

      I'm very sorry about this, because I believed that sbck and I had a firm agreement that she would buy the dress and pay for it on the 15th. However, when her commitment to pay on the 15th never became an actual payment, she flaked on the purchase according to DoA's rules.