Feedback for Scarabaeus

Jan 20, 2017

    1. Please leave a feedback about my work! I'll be pleased to know that you think about them! :aheartbea
    2. :aheartbea Positive feedback :aheartbea

      I commissionned Blacksakura for 2 heads.
      Fast to answer, fast to do, and fast to ship. Even messaged me progress pictures of the face ups.

      I am very happy about the result, her skill is really something.
    3. Thank you for your feedback! I really enjoyed working with you and your dolls. You let me create my favorite anime characters. It is wonderful. :3nodding:<3
    4. I commisioned Scarabaeus for faceup, and I love it :)
      Scarabaeus was quick to reply my emails and I was really surprised at how much work was put into packaging when shipped back.
      I would really recommend for faceup!

      Thankyou :)
    5. grace10107, Thanks for your feedback! <3 I'm very glad that my work you like! :dance
    6. Commissioned this amazing lady to replicate Eve from NieR: Automata's tattoo on my BJD and the work is exquisite. She was very patient, as I didn't send the arm off for another 4 months after having contacted her to go over the details of what I wanted (due to DollZone backlog), but once it was sent she regularly let me know the progress of her work, and sent over progress shots. The arm was sent back very quickly and was well packaged, and she even included some sweets which is very sweet of her!

      I'm currently waiting for my Telesthesia QingDi doll to arrive, and I'll send the head off to her once it arrives (hopefully the wait's not as long as my DollZone Snow) so she can make a wig resembling that of Albel's in Star Ocean 3, as QingDi will be based off him.

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    7. I'm very pleased that you liked my work. I'll try not to disappoint in the future! :daisy:aheartbea
    8. I bought a very nice wig from blacksakura and everything went great. She communicated every step of the way, shipped quickly, and even threw in some extra goodies.

      Thanks again!
    9. Thanks for your feedback! I'm very glad that you liked my wig! I'll be glad to cooperate again!