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Feedback for scarecrowe

Jul 28, 2008

    1. She doesn't seem to have one yet, so here's one for her^^

      Scarecrowe bought a pair of volks metallic eyes from me^^ She paid promptly and she notified me when the item has reached her. It was a smooth transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again^^
    2. scarecrowe bought a pair of DIM headphones from me. Great communication, paid promptly.
      She was great to sell to!
    3. scarecrowe bought a cigarette pack from me.
      Great communication and fast payment. Thanks! Till next time =^_^=
    4. Scarecrow was part of a group order I hosted, great communication, quick payment, would deal with again! Thank you!
    5. scarecrowe bought my lati yern~
      She sent fast payment, and was patient with me while I searched for a shipping box. Would definitely recommend to anyone!! ^_^

      Thank you again for adopting my girl and giving her a good home!<3
    6. scarecrowe bought a cushion from me~ Communication was great, she has been really patient and payment was prompt too~

      Thanks you! :D
    7. Excellent transaction with scarecrowe who puchased some eyes from me. Payment was quick and communication was good. An A+ buyer.
    8. Scarecrowe participated in my second For My Doll group order run and everything went through wonderfully. Her payments were prompt and communication was kept up quite well on her end. She is already participating in another group order that I am running and I am sure that everything will go just as smooth as it did this time around.

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant! :clover
    9. Thanks for participating in my group order! Payment was prompt and I really appreciate it!
    10. Scarecrowe participated in another one of my group orders. This time she took part in my fifth Dollmore group order and all went swell, which I can definitely appreciate. :) As last time, communication was great and payments were prompt. :D
      :clover Thank you for participating in another one of my group orders~ :clover
    11. Scarecrowe purchased spell pages from me.
      Again, great and friendly communication, fast payment.
      Thank you for another excellent transaction ^^
    12. Scarecrowe bought a 70cm sweatshirt from me, and everything went great! Thanks again! :D
    13. scarecrowe purchased a MSD dress from me. Communication was wonderful, payment was prompt, and this dear was kind about waiting while I shipped out her item. Would do business again.
    14. Scarecrowe bought a DH Fer outfit from me and everthing went great! Friendly, good communication, and quick payment. Thanks a bunch! ^_^
    15. Scarecrowe participated in my Luts group order for small items and everything went well once again. She consistently pays invoices promptly, answers all my PMs/emails with haste and is always a pleasure to deal with. It goes without saying that I'd do business with her again, especially since she is signed up for another group order that I am hosting. :lol:

      :clover You're such a doll to work with! :D I appreciate it! :clover
    16. Back again to leave positive feedback for Scarecrowe since she participated in my sixth Dollmore group order. As I have come to expect, our transaction went through flawlessly.

      :clover Thank you for always being an awesome group order participant! :D It makes my job so much easier! :clover
    17. Sold a wig to Scarecrow very recently,
      and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction.
      I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

    18. scarecrowe purchased an outfit from me and everything went great!
      Thanks again! :)
    19. Scarecrowe purchased a naoto jacket from me she was very prompt with her payment and communication went smoothly! Great transaction! Many Thanks!
    20. Scarecrowe bought a pair of H.Naoto long boots from me.
      She is soo easy to deal with. great buyyer~~
      Thanks so much!