Feedback for scarlettmare ~

Apr 4, 2017

    1. here's the den of angels thread where you can leave my transaction's feedback comments

      my pronouns are he / him, you could also use they / them. i hope is all good ♡ thank you all
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    2. I sold a DollZone Big Dipper to scarlettmare. Communication was great (even all the way from Spain) and payment was fast. Great transaction all around. Thank you. Cheryl
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    3. I sold a pair of wing horns from leekeworld to scarlettmare on IG. Payment was fast, communication poliet. I would definitely sell to them again.
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    4. I had a great transaction with scarlettmare
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    5. Great transaction with Scarlettmare, promt paiment, excellent communication !
      I recommand this member ^___^
      Many thanks !
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    6. Bought a doll from Scarlett, communication was great, doll - carefully packed, clean, perfect, with eyes (three pairs!), clothes, shoes, and more!
      Highly recommend! Absolutely great experience, it was really a pleasure.
      Thanks!!! :love
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    7. Bought a DF-A Miao Miao from scarlettmare.
      Really good communication, well packaged and fast shipping.
      Everything was good, thank you very much!
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    8. I literally made a DoA account so I could leave positive feedback for scarlettmare. I purchased a pair of DF jointed hands from her. She was fast and informative with her communication and shipping, as well as funny and kind to someone like me who’s brand new to the hobby. I couldn’t be more happy with the hands - the resin match is nearly perfect, and they had an interesting nail mod that didn’t stain the fingers at all.

      Good luck getting your grail, scarlettmare!
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    9. I sold a Yosd-Kanata to scarlettmare and it was a very pleasant experience! Also we had a bit problem due poor job done by the custom, they remain nice and patient with the process. They also let me know when the doll arrives. I would totally recommend Ebisama to anyone!
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    10. I just sold a DDH01+Mochi Ashi Body to scarlettmare/ripthissoul. They were so so so very sweet a patient! I loved doing business with them. They shared their ideas about the doll and seemed really excited overall. There was no problem with the transaction whatsoever. I would definitely do business with them again! Highly recommend!
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    11. I commissioned them to make a custom top and sash for my 70cm boy. They were very communicative every step of the way and paid great attention to detail! When they shipped the package, it was well-wrapped and delivered swiftly! I certainly would not hesitate to do business with them again!
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    12. I sold an old skin Volks boy Body to scarlettmare and they were absolutely lovely to deal with. Great communication and super fast payment. would highly recommend as a buyer and I would not hesitate to do business with them again!
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    13. scarlettmare purchased doll outfits from me. GREAT BUYER! Thank you again!
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