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Feedback for Scoundrelle

Nov 22, 2006

    1. Please post if you've had any experience trading with me. Thank you!
    2. Sold a Unoa Lusis to Scoundrelle and her friend Tarlane. They were both great!!! Would definitely sell to again and definitely recommend ^____^
    3. Thank you for the beautiful corset Heathre, I am sure you are sick of hearing/reading that by now.

      Anyway, traded CP BW Shiwoo for custom made corset. Scoundrelle is a fantastic person to deal with and extremely trustworthy.

      I will be looking out for her dolly creations too.
    4. I purchased some Jayne (from Firefly/Serenity) hats from Heathre. The transaction was pleasant with great communication and the hats were well made!

      Thank you!
    5. Just received a shiny Jayne hat from Heathre. It's very well made and was a pleasant experience all around. She's a highly recommended trader.
    6. Sold scoundrelle a mnf soo, there was Great communication, payment recieved quickly and she is very reliable.

      Also a great seamstress. I recieved a gorgeous kimono from her.

      Great buyer and trader
    7. I Sold a Wig to Scoundrelle. She was great fun to work with. I highly recommend buying or selling from/to her. Thanks Heather!
    8. Wonderful buyer!!! I really can't say enough nice things about Heather! Great communication, fast payment! All-around great person!
      Thanks again!!!
    9. scoundrelle bought a pair of shoes from me and was wonderful to deal with. Quick payment and prompt responses to PM's. No complaints here! ^_^

      Thanks so much!
    10. ^_^ Sold a doll head to Scoundrelle and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Very very quick payments and easy communication. Would deal with again :3
    11. I purchased a Luts Shushu Sleeping head from Scoundrelle. She came in perfect condition. Scoundrelle was a total darling throughout the transaction - letting me do layaway, notifying me of the tracking number straight away, great communication! Couldn't ask for better <3
    12. Scoundrelle bought to pairs of eyes from me, she's very nice to work with! ^^ Friendly, responds quickly and pays quickly. Thanks!

    13. I had a grea transaction with Scoundrelle, I bought her teal valkyrie outfit and it arrived fast and is very nice..thanks so much
    14. I was involved with a spilt for an MNF Elf Shiwoo head with Scoundrelle after she posted and WTB thread in the marketplace. Everything went smoothly even though Luts took a while in their shipping and I'm happy that the head arrived to her safely, thank you so much ^___^
    15. Bought a beautiful dress form her. It arrived really fast (even tho i was in the uk) and was very professionally made. Thanks again!!
    16. Scoundrelle Purchased Some more Tibetan Wool Wigs From me. I love working With her. Fast Pay & Great Communication. Thanks Heather!
    17. I did a mod and faceup on Scoundrelle's MNF Shiwoo Elf boy, and she was very sweet throughout the whole process. No problems at all, thank you again! :) :aheartbea
    18. Scoundrelle purchased a pair of eyes from me, and she was wonderful to deal with! Fast payment and friendly pms. Thanks again!
    19. Scoundrell purchased from me and was great to deal with. fast payment and great communication :)
      Thanks so much.
    20. Scoundrell bought 2 pairs glass eyes from me. Nice buyer and fast payment.
      Highly recommend!
      I hope I will trade with you again. Thanks~m(_ _)m